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Buy Apple iPhone 7 Mobile for Rs 1700 With Aadhaar Card ? Unbelievable but true

This news seems to be as if the festival has arrived one month earlier. Making the Indian mobile users feel happy and to make our dream of Apple iPhone 7 reach all of us. Every one of us wishes to get Apple iPhone with us as it increases our range as well. Recently Apple has launched its iPhone 7, which created waves among the people in India.

By, to buy an Apple iPhone is really a hefty task for middle-class people. Few people somehow would make their dream come true by purchasing it at any cost but, few cannot. To makes all the Indian user to purchase there is an existing offer available for all of us that is Apple iPhone 7 Mobile for Rs 1700 With Aadhaar Card.

This isn’t a joke at all. According to the news and reports, it is believed that this may come true to the customers who have an Aadhaar Card as an Identity. This is the latest new which has been tremendously been published in media. So as per the latest updates in India, we can purchase an iPhone with our radar card at a download payment of Rs 1,700 while the remaining amount can be paid in installments.

This happened only when iPhone company has taken a step forward in cooperating with the bank in India. This feature has already been launched in many countries and is creating waves. So, they decided to make it avail for all the smartphone lovers to get the iPhone for best deals. Apple aims to get iPhone by this October 7th 2016 .

In San Francisco Apple company is proud to announce that it has launched its much anticipated iPhone series. The two smartphones — iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

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