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Inspirational: Story of fruit sellar Pyare Khan who is now worth more than 400 crores

This is a story of Nagpur’s businessman Pyare Khan. Pyare, who once sold orange at a railway station, today owns a company with a turnover of Rs 400 crore. He has shared his entire journey of success with us.

There was a house in the slum area, mother used to run a grocery shop I lived with my two brothers, sister, and mother-father in the slum area of ​​Nagpur. Father used to go to villages and sell clothes, but if he could not earn anything, then he stopped that work. Then the mother started a grocery store to raise the children. We used to earn money from the small shop we were able to live with.

From the age of 12-13, I started working outside. During the two months of summer vacation, they used to spend entire work only. Used to sell oranges at the railway station. 50-60 rupees were saved every day. Many small things were also done, such as cleaning carts.

After failing on the 10th, then I decided to leave the studies because there were no such conditions at home that I could study. When I got a driving license, I started working as a driver in a courier company. During this time, when I had an accident, he also left work.

Sold mother’s jewelry to buy Auto. Then a few days later a rental auto started operating. After driving a rental auto for a few years, I felt that if I had my own auto, the savings would be more. Mother sold her jewelry and gave 11 thousand rupees. I bought the auto after financing the rest. 200 to 300 rupees were saved every day by auto. This continued until 2001.

Such thoughts started coming in my mind that if I do not leave this job now, I will continue to do the same throughout my life. I dared to sell the auto for 42,500 rupees. This was the first major risk of my life because a fix income was made from the auto. Mother also refused to sell auto but I had the intention of doing something big.

One day Payre asked Seth that we rent a bus for a tour, if you buy my bus, will you hire? They will say yes. Then I raised money. Some planted themselves, some relatives gave and some took the bus from the bank. However, the bus did not last much and that work stopped in a few days.

Got a loan from the bank after a year round, changed life from here I was going round the banks because I had to buy my own truck. No bank was giving me a loan. They used to ask for the address of the house. If the house was in slum, no bank loan was approved. After trying for a year, I got a loan of Rs 11 lakh from a bank with great difficulty.

Relatives said return the truck to the bank. You will not be able to do this work. I went to the accident site and brought the truck. Get the driver admitted. After getting the truck made, I again landed on the road. Explained to the bank that such an accident has happened, there is a problem of two-three months and then I will start the installment. After this my work started running.

Bought one truck in 2005. By 2007, Pyare had ten to twelve trucks. Then I got my company registered. Truly my work started in 2007. I started working in places where others were afraid to do it. Took a lot of risks. Gradually, I started getting the work of big groups. A few years ago two petrol pumps were also opened.

Today it has a turnover of over 400 crores. There are more than 700 employees. In the next two years, we have set a target to reach the company to one thousand crores. I have never run after success but I have run after work. He did not leave without completing the work he was engaged in and threw himself completely into it. This is the secret of my success.

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