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Google Chrome has been hit by a serious security flaw

A new flaw has been found in popular internet browser Google Chrome.

The bug is called Magellan 2.0, it is actually set of five vulnerabilities relating to how Chrome uses SQLite  function to work with data.

According to researchers at Tencent Blade Team, the Magellan 2.0 vulnerabilities comes just after a year since the same team discovered a similar set of issues within the Chrome Browser.

These vulnerabilities all relate to how data input is validated by Chrome’s  built in SQL database, specially the way its WebSQL API changes JavaScript code in SQL.

Any of these five vulnerabilities doing best can cause Chrome browser Crashing. At worst, the researchers claim the vulnerabilities could have allowed the attacker to set up  SQL operation to hijack some part of the browser functions, through remote code execution.

However, there is no need to panic as the Google has already been informed about the bug,  and these vulnerabilities have already been combat in the new version of Google Chrome. There is no such evident exploitation reported by the vulnerability yet.

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