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Britney Spears Hitches A Ride For Carpool , Sings ‘Baby one more time’!

Britney joined James Corden for an epic Carpool Karaoke, jamming out to everything from her new hit “Make Me” to the classics like “Baby One More Time”. James and Britney kicked things off with a little throwback to “Oops I did it again”, the song that made all of us want to put on a plastic red bodysuit and dance on the Moon. They even acted out the dialogue break in the song, where Britney’s love interest offers her the heart of the ocean from The Titanic. James Corden is officially all of us singing that song with our friends in that moment. They also jammed out to Toxic, Womanizer, and her newest hit, Make Me.

James also got personal with Britney during the ride when he asked about her love life, which she gave more than a candid answer to, saying that even though she’s done with men and doesn’t believe in marriage anymore, she still wants three more kids! Well if anyone can handle that we are sure it’s Britney! Later on in the ride James dared to get a little cheeky when asking Britney about what it’s like for her sons to watch her on stage. You have to admit, that James Corden was pretty bold for that one. But lucky for him he also has a sense of humor to back it up, because Britney clearly loved every minute of it. And did we mention the grand finale, where Britney and James dressed up as teenage school girl and sing “Hit me baby, one more time”, it;s awesome.

Britney also FINALLY dropped her latest album, “Glory” on us. Here’s the video of Britney’s Carpool Karaoke.

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