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No Fear No Favour

Britain National TV shut down for an hour and urges viewers to do some exercise.

What will you think if your favourite channel shuts down for an hour, you would probably be thinking “Am I back in DD National days? But yesterday one of Britain’s leading broadcasters has blacked out its programs for an hour in hopes that their viewers would probably do some exercise in the meantime.

ITV shut down broadcasts on several of its channels Saturday morning as part of its effort to entice UK citizens to sports clubs, which are being opened for free this weekend as part of a national event called “I Am Team GB.”
Many viewers lauded ITV’s challenge to couch potatoes, describing on social media the activities they’d been inspired to do. Others, well probably like me, stuck to their sofas and poked fun at the gesture, describing the blank screens as the best entertainment they’d ever seen on ITV. One viewer said his remote-control thumb had a good workout.

ITV is sponsoring the weekend’s sports-promotion activities alongside the National Lottery.

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