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Bride Calls Off The Wedding After Seeing Groom’s Nagin Dance.

What do you do, when someone in front of you is doing a Nagin dance? You joined him, right! Well, don’t.
If you are planning to do a Nagin dance at your wedding day, please be cautious as it can result in the end of your marriage. Anubhav Mishra (NAGIN dance enthusiast) on Tuesday attempted a snake dance at his own wedding-Too Happy Too Soon- and even made hissing sounds, seeing her soon-to-be husband’s embarrassing dance, the bride to be Priyanka Tripathi called off the wedding just before when rituals were about to start.

As reported by TimesOfIndia, witnesses told the reporters that the groom was drunk when he reached for the ceremony. The groom’s family tried to convince the bride but she didn’t listen to them and in the end, the wedding rituals did not get completed.

Both Anubhav Mishra and Priyanka Tripathi live in Shahjahanpur district in Uttar Pradesh. The two had known each other prior to the wedding and even exchanged gifts before the marriage.

But then, Anubhav was drawn to a ‘nagin song’ which was being played at the wedding and it seems he could not hold himself back. While he began to dance to the tunes, his friends showered currency notes on him. All this as Priyanka and her shocked family waited in silence.

It was then that Priyanka felt that Anubhav was not the right match for him and she called off the wedding despite persuasion and threats by the groom’s family and friends

Times Of India also reported that the girl got married the very next day to a more ‘sober’ male.

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