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No Fear No Favour

BJP MLA Kavita Jain tries to befool by posting photo with Elizabeth; gets trolled on internet!

You must have seen a lot of your friends flaunting their photographs with celebrities, on all of the social media site. But when a politician does this, they take it to a totally new level! A bigger level, at a better place with greater celebrities! But wait, is this celebrity even real?

BJP MLA Kavita Jain when went on a visit to London, did something which made her a victim of so many trolls on internet! The lady took the ‘flaunting-game’ to another level when she posted a photograph with Queen Elizabeth.

But wait! That doesn’t looks even somewhere close to the Queen. Mrs. Jain tried to convince her audience that she was so close to our Kohinoor, but we are not that foolish ma’am! It can be easily identified that it was just a wax statue of Queen Elizabeth at madam Tussad’s museum. However, Kavita later deleted the tweet after getting trolled on internet.

kavita jain

Nice try ma’am. Better luck next time!

By: Swapnil Mishra

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