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BJP MLA gifts her wife 5.5 crore car and she rams it into auto, bad luck right!

Every wife dreams about the husband who will go to an extent to make her happy, even if she demands RS 5.5 crore Lamborghini, right? Mumbai BJP MLA Narendra Mehta did the same thing for his wife Suman, but things didn’t go as well he planned for. Narendra Mehta surprised his wife Suman by gifting her saffron Lamborghini (after all he’s from BJP, right! and party comes first) worth Rs. 5.5 crore on her birthday. Suman took the Lamborghini out for a ride, but lost control of the vehicle and rammed it into the auto. Ouch!

Though no one got injured in the accident, thank God! But auto rickshaw’s headlight got smashed by the severe impact. After which Mehta immediately compensated the auto driver for the damage and no case was filed against his wife.

Mehta had even announced the gifted car on Facebook. Soon after the accident, a video of it began trending on social media. Now the car is reportedly parked inside the Seven Eleven Academy school premises.
Isn’t it better if our MLA spent some money on driving school first? After the incident, i’m sure Mr. Mehta is thinking the same thing right now.

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