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BJP Leader Brajesh Pathak Slapped Journalist During An Interview!

Looks like Ex- BSP leader and current BJP member Brajesh Pathak has sudden change in his attitude since joining the new party. The Uttar Pradesh leader was apparently in scuffle fight with ‘National Dastak’ Reporter Shambhu Kumar Singh on Wednesday. Brajesh Pathak slapped Shambhu Kumar Singh, after the news reporter asked about Mayawati allegations against Pathak’s familism.


According to Shambhu Kumar Singh, The interview was scheduled on Brajesh Pathak’s Vitthal Bhai House, Room no. 23 govt. allotted room and after some initial general questions, Brajesh Phatak lost his mind completely when he asked about Mayawati’s familism allegations, and slapped him hard across his face, Pathak supporters even broke National Dastak camera and take away the memory chip. Shambhu Kumar Singh later registered a FIR on Sansad Marg Police Station. Shambhu Kumar Singh has also said that Brajesh Pathak not attacked him but he actually attacked the media industry not him alone. Pathak joined the saffron organisation in the presence of its president Amit Shah and Union minister Mahesh Sharma and was described as a pillar in the Hardoi-Unnao region of the state. But, recent news was not at all what BJP would have hoped for this Uttar Pradesh leader.

To know more about Pathak-Media war, watch this video

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