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“BJP along with India Bulls has planned conspiracy to destabilize my government” says CM Harish Rawat

On the LIVE Faceboook chat session of News Leak Centre, we had Uttarakhand CM Mr. Harish Rawat with our editor in Chief Mr. Madan Mohit Bharadwaj. In this first ever car pool session of News Leak Centre, Mr. Rawat not only talked about his opinions and issues about the present day situations of the politics of our country, but also discussed some of his personal details too. Here is a piece of the exclusive chat session with Mr. Rawat:

NLC: There were speculations that in Uttarakhand, BJP tried to disrupt your government. SO do you think that there was a major pre planning of the BJP to do so?

Harish Rawat: Definitely. It is even proven with strong evidences that BJP tried to create ruckus within my party. Earlier 9 people got detached from our party and the later some more of them. This all even did not happen because of the inter-party disputes rather because of the third party involvement. Everyone knows that BJP in collaboration with India Bulls did this. This was proven through a sting operation that there was a give-and-take relationship between India Bulls and BJP involving an amount of more than 2000 crores in order to disrupt my party. I have been mentally and emotionally harassed by BJP. They wanted to destroy me by playing the divide and rule policy with me and they even succeeded in this as you all can see that the members who left my party are now a part of the BJP camp.
We have always wanted to get along with the central government and take my state ahead but seems like BJP doesn’t want to let us do this.

NLC: Sir in a small state like Uttarakhand, seems like you are the only clean face for representing the state as Chief Minister but the past incidents seem to ruin your image?

Harish Rawat: All I have to say on this is that I have always tried to work for the benefits of my state but since the month of March I am being exploited. The opposition has tried their best to trap me into the worst allegations ever. My state even had to face the President’s rule as they declared emergency in Uttarakhand. All of these incidents turned out to be very humiliating and shameful for me. These parties have never worked for the favour of the state instead has just been paying all the attention at just blaming and accusing my government.

NLC: How do you spend your spare time?

Harish Rawat: I don’t even have any spare time for myself. All I do is that I spend more than 20 minutes in worshiping and still I don’t have any free time. I get time to sleep around 2 am and wake up 7 in the morning. But still if I have time I also love to read.

NLC: What else profession would you have chosen if you were not the CM?

Harish: As per my family’s economic conditions, I anyways had to join some government job or anything to earn a living. But I somehow managed to achieve this position.

NLC: What was the last movie having you watched?

Harish: I’m not really fond of watching cinema but as far as I can remember the last movie i watched was during my LLB days. I was in Lucknow and that was some Jitendra starrer movie. I can’t even recall the movie. After that I never had time to even enter a cinema hall.

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