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Bizzare! Pet parrot exposes husband’s extra maritial affair to wife

Cheating husbands probably should think twice about purchasing a parrot for a pet.

An eavesdropping bird landed its owner in hot water after exposing his affair with the housekeeper to his unsuspecting wife!

The bird began repeating the flirty conversations between the lovers from insider the house, and the wife quickly put two and two together.

The couple live in Kuwait, where adultery is illegal, so the wife marched the parrot to the police station as evidence to convict her wayward hubby.

Adultery in the Gulf state can result in a prison or forced hard labour, but fortunately for the unfaithful man he was spared.

The bird was not deemed a credible witness, and the police rejected the case on the bases that the bird could have overheard the TV or the radio.

You never know who is listening…

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