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Birthday Special: Different Career paths for Mr. Kejriwal, if he doesn’t want to be Delhi Chief Minister anymore!

First of all, happy birthday to our own Delhi CM Arvind ‘Muffler Man’ Kejriwal, You are just too good to be ignored, where are we if Mr. Kejriwal didn’t provide us enough masala and gossips through his twitter account. How could we question Mr. Narendra Modi if Mr. Kejriwal would not be there to remind us in every five minutes? Mr. Kejriwal excels at his job, there’s no denying that but we think recently he is bored from his job. Yes, and it’s true that running a Delhi Government, took a toll on Kejriwal’s brain that’s why he was in Himachal Pradesh for Vipassana Course. Though, he said he is now feeling fresh and energetic, we still think Mr. Kejriwal should concentrate more on his health and choose some different career options now, Sir you did a good job in Delhi but now it’s time to quit!

5 Different career paths for Mr. Kejriwal

1. Movie Critic


We all love watching movies and Mr. Kejriwal is no different than us, he is Aam Aadmi after all. He knows every detail about latest movies and knows how make time for watching movies while running the government. But, here’s a deal we don’t really get a full review about the movie from him. He just give little bit about the story and weather he liked it or not, but never a full review. We know a good movie reviewer is hiding somewhere in him, and Mr. Kejriwal we think it’ s time to embrace it. We don’t need Taran Adarsh, we have Arvind Kejriwal.

2. Twitter Handler

kejriwal twitter handler

Hey it takes some serious thoughts ohk, It’s just not easy to ridicule someone in just 140 character or less and no one knows it better than Arvind Kejriwal. His tweets against Mr. Modi are the proof, how creative he can be if he wants to and we think twitter handler would be a perfect job for Mr. Kejriwal.

3. Advertisement Maker


Hello, mai Arvind Kejriwal bol raha hu, mujhe aapke sirf 2 min chahiye. You heard this voice too, right? and you know the best part about this advertisement? It was actually a brain child of Mr. Kejriwal himself. He knows how to make an advertisement, if he gave some serious thought about it, we can see him becoming the next Prasoon Joshi or Prahlad Kakkar in no time. Someone should put Mr. Kejriwal on a phone with Hindustan Thompsan associates.

4. Detective


This is one of the qualities of Mr. Kejriwal, we didn’t know he had before he made some serious allegations against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Kejriwal claims that Mr. Modi wanted him to be killed and before you jump into conclusions that how stupid the claim actually is, we thinks maybe Mr. Kejriwal has some serious detective chops and he knows some insider conspiracy theory about his murder too. Maybe it’s better for Mr. Kejriwal to step down and work full time to solve this conspiracy theory. He can be like Detective Byomkesh Bakshi or Sherlock Holmes.

5. Money Manager

Kejriwal Twitter

Well this is the long shot but Mr. Kejriwal loves to give financial tips to everyone about how he gets the work done in less amount of money as compare to previous government, he knows how to complete the work in less expenditures, so why not make a career out of it, right? Well i for one certainly needs some money advice, help us sir!

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