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Big Media Personality Is Working Secretly With BJP To Harm BSP Electoral Campaign?

After the big Dayashankar/Mayawati/Swati Singh fight, Bahujan Samaj Party and most importantly its supremo Mayawati decided to let go all the drama and started focusing more on 2017 elections. Political pundits also think that this election will be a direct fight between BJP and BSP, where one will reign supreme over the other. With the stakes that high, BSP supremo Mayawati probably would have some big plans ready for her and her party in upcoming elections, but what she will do when some of her party workers would probably leave her election campaign at crucial point?

We are asking this question, because our exclusive sources have confirmed us that one big media personality (who runs a TV channels) is in contact with 14 MLA’s of Bahujan Samaj Party, who like Ex-BSP MP Brajesh Pathak, set to leave the party soon to join BJP. The big media personality we are talking about has close ties with Bhartiya Janta Party top officials and actually working as a BJP secret agent or should we say a Trump card for BJP in upcoming election. The Media mogul has both money and critical information’s, which is working exceptionally well for Bhartiya Janta Party as he had enough resources to lure other parties big players for quitting there irrespective parties and to join BJP ahead of elections . If sources are to be believed most of the BSP workers who are in touch with this big time media mogul has decided to quit the party to join BJP soon. With recent big exits like Swami Prasad Maurya, and now Brajesh Pathak joining BJP soon after they left BSP indicates that there is surely some conspiracy running behind the doors of Bahujan Samaj Party headquarters.

Brajesh Pathak joined the BJP on Monday, giving a fillip to the saffron party’s attempts to consolidate the Brahmin vote ahead of the crucial assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh. Political analysts say Pathak’s departure from the BSP is an indication that Mayawati is focusing on a Dalit-Muslim consolidation unlike the rainbow coalition she had stitched together in the past, one which included Dalits, Muslims, non Yadav OBCs and Upper Castes. It’s still debatable whether this new formula would work in favour of Bahujan Samaj Party in an upcoming elections or ‘Big Media Mogul’ recruiting services for BJP turns out to be more successful formula at last, it all will be clear after next year elections. After all ‘ Saam, Daam, Dand, Bhed” is all approved in Politics, right?

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