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Shah & Modi not happy with Vasundhara Raje; she may soon lose her CM spot!

Drastic changes will be coming soon in government of Rajasthan as per the sources revealed. Vasundhara Raje, the current chief minister of Rajasthan seems to be in trouble for her Rajmahal Palace dispute with her daughter. Indian Government now divulge into the case, by posting their officials at Rajmahal Palace. Officials said in a statement that this place is a property of Govt. of India since 1993. Now we think you all must have drawn your attention for the ‘so-controversial’ issue that has created a lot of sensation since past few weeks.

What’s the matter:-

Rajasthan Government was planning to demolish the building of Rajmahal palace to construct another building for the commercial purpose but Princess Diya Singh repelled to this decision. She conducted a rally in order to protest against the Government. Central government initially didn’t take any action on the matter and instead played the safe game by saying that issue of Rajmahal Palace lies only & only between the context of CM Vasundhara Raje and Princess Diya Singh. Which in turn lead to shutting down of Rajmahal palace by CM Vasundhara Raje.

What is going on now:-

Just after the statement of BJP chief Amit shah that issue of rajmahal palace lies only & only between the context of CM Vasundhara Raje and Princess Diya Singh, the controversy arose.
For instance this was a rather positive hint for the crowd of Rajasthan as they did not want the heritage to be demolished but was rather disappointing for all those who were in the favour of it. This was really heart breaking for BJP because they thought that leaving this matter into the hand of CM Vasundhara Raje will solve the problem and the Rajmahal Palace will be Rebuild as a commercial building but CM Vasundhra Raje failed to prove herself. This was really something unexpected.

To sort out this issue Vasundhara Raje was in Delhi from last 4 days but neither Narendra Modi nor party chief Amit Shah got time to fix a meeting with her. Both of them avoided with her with an excuse of busy schedule. A very close source related to Amit Shah revealed that there will be a tremendous change in the Rajasthan Politics as there is a possibility of dismissal of Vashundhara Raje as a Chief Minister of Rajasthan and source also revealed that the next CM candidate for the Rajasthan Government will be the current Health Minister of Rajasthan Kiran Maheshwari. Let’s see what happens next because the decision is till date at rest, what so ever happen should be in the favour of nation.

By: Shivendra Pandey

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