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China And Pakistan Beware: This Week, India And US Signing Major War Pact.

Aliances always play an important role in politics weather it is about two parties or two countries, United States have found the right ally with India as the country continues to challenge China in terms of economics or security. Media reports say that China is building arsenal in the South China Sea to prepare for a battle with United States. India and Pakistan both have strong friendship with United States and China alike. Can Delhi-Washington beat Islamabad-Bejing collaboration or is it the other way around.

Acc. to Forbes, The United States and India are set to sign a major war pact that can change the game in the South China Sea region. The agreement was made after Prime Minister Narendra Modi meeting with US President Barack Obama in June. Reports also suggests that once U.S. and India enter the pact, it will make both countries logistical allies against a superpower like China.

Manohar Parikar, Defense Minister of India, is expected to seal the deal during his two-day visit in Washington this week. The pact is called the Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement (LEMOA), considered a foundational agreement for India and the U.S. The agreement will allow the two nations to use the supplies of each country including spare parts, refueling, and other services. Many political experts believes that India and United States relationship would play major part in world dominance in near future. And this major war pact is a win-win situation for all

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