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No Fear No Favour

Before you go to the ATM, make sure you planned a little day/night out.

Despite government’s announcement that new currency notes of Rs 500 and Rs 2000 would be available in ATMs of banks from Thursday midnight, people in urban parts of India still couldn’t find ATMs that were dispensing cash. However, the things were little different on Friday morning, though there was some cash on ATM’s around the country but the long queue is killing it.

So apart from the queues in banks to exchange new notes for old, people were also queued up outside ATMs in cities since morning and complained that ATMs are yet to be refilled.

Most of the machines were equipped to tender Rs 100 notes, while some were still not working.
Banks are saying that they are trying to recalibrate their machine for higher denomination notes, it will take some days before they start tendering new high-security Rs 500 and 2000 notes which are expected to ease the pressure.

However, to ensure customer convenience, banks have been asked to provide all cash withdrawal transactions at their ATMs free of cost until 30 December, but the long queue is still there.

So here are the things you should take with you, before going to the nearest ATM.

1. ATM card.
2. Lunch Box
3. Playing Cards
4. Dinner
5. Bedsheets

Little bit of camping experience also.

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