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Barkha Dutt Writes Open Letter To Smriti Irani, Twitter explodes!

Following the vicious spats on twitter and everywhere else, The once idol bahu of television, is yet again facing off the self proclaimed “Anti-National Sickular Presstitute” of television. The war between Smriti Irani and Barkha Dutt is on a roll yet again. Barkha Dutt has written out an open letter to the now textile minister with “no HRD feelings.”

“We will still stand up for your rights as a woman; it’s pretty clear though, that you will never speak up for us. As a strong woman who could have been a trailblazer for equality, you, sadly, more than let down the side.” says Barkha supporting feminism and standing against sexism that Irani has been a subject to quite a few times without any firm reaction to it whatsoever. Also Barkha Dutt is furious over Irani for her dull responses and questionable empathy towards other women subjected to sexism; Dutt even brings out the good and the bad in Smriti Irani with examples throughout the letter.

She commends and criticises her at the same time. She is sad that a lady like Smriti Irani fails to empower or stand for women and is rather herself subjected to sexism by others. Barkha Dutt got a great response for her open letter to Smriti Irani and needless to mention, both of them have been quite bold and vocal about each other on and off media. Paraphrasing and transmutation of each other’s words and creating a flux of ironies and insults have been a common notion when these two are involved.

Nevertheless, we witness the growth of two women in possession of power; Politics and Media are like Tom and Jerry, No one wins and the show goes on. It’s the fact that they can’t survive without each other.

It’s just that who’s Tom and who’s Jerry, changes with time.

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