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Baba Ramdev goes too far for being swadesi; Now he will launch ‘desi jeans’!

You must have seen a lot of memes on Patanjali where they show clothes made of leaves and herbs! Seems like baba Ramdev has gone too far and taken these memes quite seriously! After leaving a mark of his own in the Food Manufacturing Industry with Patanjali-brand products, Ramdev Baba is keen on launching an apparel brand ‘Paridhaan’ very soon.


Speaking to a tabloid, Ramdev Baba told: ‘The idea of launching an apparel brand came to his mind after some of his followers asked him for Patanjali Yoga Wear. That’s when we decided to work on launching the apparel brand which include men’s and women’s wear. Not just traditional clothing, You can expect even Modern outfits such as Jeans and office wear from Paridhaan’. The chain of factories operated by Ramdev Baba were already working on food products, medicines and toiletries. Patanjali Products have already entered Nepal. Soon, They will reach Markets like Bangladesh and African Countries. As usual twitter can never spare any new invention and now Baba Ramdev with his jeans is on target! Sime people had really hilarious take on this desi invention.

In the next stage, Ramdev Baba wishes to launch battle against Multi-National companies in developed Nations. He wishes to promote natural products which are good for health in US and Europe. Patanjali brand have over 800 products and last year’s turnover is up to Rs 5,000 crore. The turnover could touch Rs 10,000 crore by the end of current financial year. Patanjali is expected to capture 1/3rd of the Indian market when it comes to sale of Honey, Ayurvedi Medicine and Ghee.

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