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B. Tech, MBA degree holders were cleaning drains to get sweeper job in Uttar Pradesh.

Jobseekers with graduate and post-graduate qualifications, which also include B.Tech and MBA degrees, were among the candidates who recently appeared for the practical examination to become sweepers with the Allahabad Municipal Corporation, The Times of India reported today.

The practical examination, which 1.10 lakh candidates are taking in order to become contractual sweepers (safai karmcharis), involved cleaning drains, TOI reported. The Allahabad Municipal Corporation introduced this practical examination to evaluate cleaning skills in 2008.

The minimum qualification for the job is the ability to read and write in Hindi. The candidates are aspiring for 119 vacancies in Allahabad and around 100 in every district across the state.

Earlier this year, 17,000 people including those with MBA, BSc and BTech degrees, applied for 114 posts of safai karmachari in Amroha district for a pay of ₹17,000 a month. In Bhatinda, the majority of 8,500 applications for 19 posts of a Class IV position, came from people with Mphils, MSc, and BTech degrees.

Credits: The Huffington Post

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