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Auroville: A south Indian town without Money, religion and Government!

Yes, this place exists in our own country. India is known as a land of diversities with innumerable religions, caste, creeds and beliefs. ‘Unity in Diversity’ is a phrase which describes this land the best but nowadays the conditions seem to be a bit ironical to this phrase. Almost every day we wake to the news of killings on the name of religion and money.

But there is a place in this country only which is giving a message of peace and harmony worldwide. Auroville, the city of the dawn, was established in 1968 as an experiment in creating unity through diversity, developing “transformation of consciousness” and practicing sustainable living.


People may be rapidly chasing a reverie of love, peace, self-sustenance and democracy for their lives each waking day. Life in the city makes the elusiveness of these aspirations only more palpable, as we constantly have our hands full-addressing immediate agendas, fighting conflicting patterns and living up to deadlines of all kinds. But 48 years ago, the incredible foresight of an Indian avant-garde spiritual evolutionist, Sri Aurobindo and his French collaborator, Mirra Alfassa, led to the conceptualization of what was to become the closest solution to these pertinent problems.


The result was Auroville-a community held together by the resolute philosophy of being one with nature in every way needed.

The dream was that eventually up to 50,000 people from all over the world would come to live at Auroville but at present there are 2400 or so, two-thirds of these from India, the other third coming from about 50 other countries. The community has its own schools, vocational training institutions, businesses, farms and produces handmade paper and incense among other goods for sale.


The Auroville community near Pondicherry in South India is home to about 2400 people from around the world, pursuing the ideals of peace, love and international understanding.

Today, Auroville-‘the City of Dawn’, has blossomed into a universal town of over 2,000 residents hailing from close to 45 nations, living in the communal spirit of progressive harmony, peace and sustainability. At the heart of Auroville is the Matrmandir-the giant gold-plated sphere, which serves as a meditation hall and is also the soul of everything that is Auroville.


The township is surrounded by narrow red sand lanes bordered by forests on either side which make for incredible biking routes. Auroville functions prominently from its various community initiatives-from organic farming and cooking to arts and crafts, and alternative healing and therapy. You can hire a bike, ride away all day long and participate in the activities of your choice, which you are notified of at the Visitor’s Centre.

The only purpose of this town is to realize human unity. The town is as beautiful as the cause behind it. If you are in a continuous search of inner peace, you definitely must visit this place and spend some time in the most peaceful environment ever.

By: Swapnil Mishra

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