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Apple to launch its creative invention of mirror that displays texts and as well as plays video

As very well said behind every invention there is a creative mankind here is the grand example of the thought mentioned at the start. Designer Rafael Dymek has successfully made a smart touch screen mirror that displays text as well as it plays video that you want.

It is based on iOS 10. This mirror is able to text, play songs, movie, browse the internet and even you can order an UBER ride. This mirror is getting prominent in market by the other name called as Apple Mirror.

The mirror shuts itself off after 45 seconds of inactivity and shows reflection like a regular mirror. Now standing in front of mirror and analyzing your physique will be more intense and interesting as you can now get yourself ready in a very unique way.

This mirror supports all the functions of iOS 10 like texting, video call, using camera, recording your own video, playing apple games on your touch screen mirror.

Take a look at Apple exclusive mirror :-

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