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Apple Inc. is ‘Toxic’ place for women: Leaked emails allege sexism towards female employees.

Apple Inc, last year pledged to work harder to improve diversity in the company; even statistics released last year company summit showed that some progress had been made in this area, But latest leaked emails revealed that the company culture remains a big stumbling rock for fresher’s, particularly for those who belongs in marginalized groups. Several current and former Apple employees have chosen to leak 50 pages of emails to Mic to show evidence of the harassment they’ve experienced at work–and proof that their bosses ignored it. Work place harassment gets largely ignored by higher-ups and decision makers.

According to Company website, Women represent only 32% of the global workforce at Apple, Those women who have ended up working on male-dominated Apple work environment, revealed their struggles in the leaked emails.

One email by a female worker describes her unpleasant experience in a work meeting stating: “The conversation turned to all of the men being dismissive about their wives and their significant others. I felt very uncomfortable of the reality that I was the only woman in the room as all of my male coworkers stereotyped women as nags and this was not countered by my manager as being inappropriate.”

This is just one of the many complaints that revealed the terrible work place environment in the emails. A female engineer at Apple registered a complaint against the male coworkers on her team, one of her male team member made jokes that “an office intruder was coming to rape everybody”–the worst part is that this wasn’t the first time that her co-workers had made rape jokes of this kind. She escalated her complaints to both her manager and Apple CEO Tim Cook. But for the worse, nothing changed within the company work environment and company CEO Cook did not even respond to her email.

Cook also didn’t respond to emails about harassment from male coworkers, either. One male Apple employee described how his male peers at work would use the phrase “Man Period” to condescend to him. In his official complaint to Cook and to several other people at the company, the employee explained why the phrase was misogynistic and unacceptable: “This is a statement used to push the fact that women while menstruating are emotional and cannot be depended on to do work or be rational.”

Unfortunately, no steps were taken in any effort to improve company work environment or to limit these types of jokes from getting tossed around the workplace. Email leaks even revealed the sexiest and racist nature of the company as higher ups prefer white male over minorities for promotion matter. Some employees even choose to pursue legal action against Apple Inc, working with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing in the hopes of improving conditions for employees at the company. While, others simply leave the Apple Inc and move on to work in different IT firms.

One such employee wrote in his resignation letter, “Despite all attempts to seek justice within this corporation, the cries of several minority employees about the toxic and oppressive environment have gone unanswered. I have witnessed the complete and utter disenfranchising of the voices of men and women of color and the fault lies not only in the direct management staff but in the response of those tasked with protecting employee rights.”

If Apple really aims to increase the diversity and improve the work environment at their company, Apple should focus more on employee well being, rather than focusing on their new products all the time. It’s a long time loss for the company too, if employees get harassed by their coworkers, and their harassment is ignored by higher-ups, and they are passed over for raises and promotions. Company should build on the healthy work-place environment; if your employees are not happy in the company will you expect them to work hard for the company.

By: Saket Sharma.

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