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Another Sign Of “Moderation”, Woman Banned For Cycling

As sexist as it may sound but it’s actually true, A group of women has reportedly been arrested for riding bicycles in Iran and made to sign pledges not to repeat the “violation”. They were planning to participate in a cycling event in the north-western city of Marivan when police told them a new government directive had barred women riding bicycles in public. Things just didn’t end here and what happened next is more bizarre, The opposition National Council of Resistance of Iran informed media that officers ordered those women to sign written pledges vowing not to repeat the “unlawful violation” and took several women who protested into custody.

Female Cycling is a controversial topic in the country because maybe cycling can caused women to violate strict dress codes in public. First of all, your strict dress rule is bullshit (sorry for my language) and how exactly is female cyclists violate strict dress law, skinny clad clothes are not mandatory for cycling, hope Iran knows that.
Official signs appeared in May saying “bicycle riding for women is prohibited” in public walkways and police chiefs have previously warned that women caught cycling would be prosecuted. Without a defined penalty in Iran’s legal code, officers have previously used dress laws and other alleged offences including being in the company of unrelated men to harass female cyclists. It is illegal for women to go out in public without wearing headscarf or “modest” clothing in the country, where thousands of undercover agents and morality police patrol the streets to check for violations.

There’s a reason why feminism is not taking seriously in world, these cases shows us the fatal error in feminism movement, Middle eastern countries creates this pathetic laws which clearly made to demoralise women empowerment but so called feminists care more about their power struggle than big world issues. Not just cycling is an issue there’s a bill which recently passes by Iraq government, which proposes discrimination against unmarried female job applicants and makes divorce more difficult, even in abusive relationships. Geez, Do policy makers of Iraq forgot that women are also living beings and not animals who need to be tamed?

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