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Andy Cohen asked ‘Who has a bigger penis, The Rock or Zac Efron?’ to Priyanka and her response is everything!

Wow, Andy Cohen surely knows how to leave his guests red-faced with his questions. The very recently victim of this is none other than Priyanka Chopra! The actress was on the Watch What Happens Live show recently to promote Baywatch, where Andy asked her questions that made her squirm in her seat! She was actually asked to comment on Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron’s dick size! Obviously, this question made the diva so uncomfortable that she couldn’t immediately answer it. Well, technically, that wasn’t the question, to begin with, but Andy sure made things pretty scandalous with this twist. Originally, she was supposed to answer whose trailer was bigger, Dwayne’s or Zac’s. However, the host wanted some drama and what better than ask PeeCee something hot? We’re not used to seeing the diva flustered so watching her face flushed was funny!

But eventually, she took The Rock’s side! Oh no, by not saying he has a bigger dick than Zac but that Dwayne’s trailer is bigger than the ab-tastic hunk’s. Damn, Andy definitely made things “rocky” for Priyanka as she made her second appearance on the show. After the constant link ups with Nick Jonas, it was quite refreshing to see this drama. Oh there was a lot and by that we mean, A LOT of reference towards the young pop icon on the show. But thanks to this ‘dick’ move, all the attention has gone straight to that!

We have to admit, this show was far more raunchy and R-rated with the kind of questions asked! The diva was accompanied by Amy Brenneman. While both the stars are equally popular, the Watch What Happens Live was pretty much dominated by our desi girl. Call it her swag or sudden popularity in the Hollywood front but Priyanka is so in demand right now! The complete episode is out and you folks can check it out.

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