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No Fear No Favour

#AmmaAlive You won’t get a reward for tweeting about Jayalalithaa’s health condition.

Since the time 22nd November 2016 everyone is busy trending the speculation about chief minister of Tamilnadu J. Jayalalithaa’s health. Whether she is fine or not or what is her current physical status etc.

But the most inhumane effort of people comes to action when people started speculating the death of Jayalalitha including many media houses as well. Still, there is not any proof of her death then also people are busy providing certain false expectations to the public i.e. Jayalalitha is no more. It seems like there is a competition going on between the fake morals. The leading media house of south SUN TV has reportedly claimed and assured their viewers that Jayalalithaa is no more and at the same time they don’t have any visuals for assuring the surety that the current chief minister of Tamilnadu is dead.

So all you people just get assured from our side that there is no such news of Jayalalithaa’s death if you are seeing it somewhere then just believe that it is news exporting wrong information to the public.

The truth is she is still under critical condition due to cardiac arrest and improper functioning of her respiration system.

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