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Amazon and Flipkart are scared of making deliveries in Noida and Ghaziabad

There is a bad news for the people who shop online in Uttar Pradesh as well as NCR regions. India’s largest e-commerce dealers Flipkart and Amazon do not deliver consignments worth more than Rs 10,000 to customers in Uttar Pradesh, including NCR regions of Noida and Ghaziabad. An answer on a Quora post given by an anonymous user, claiming to be the risk-investigation team employee with Amazon, reveals the reasons why this happens.

He revealed that Noida-region was just like Germany, which has the highest fraud cases with Amazon, and theft and order abuse cases are most from these regions of the country.

“For some reasons the order abuse cases in these regions is higher than the rest of India. People used to order iPhone and mention they got a Nokia model phone. They mentioned the iPhone was not working and so customer service used to initiate the return and what did Amazon get in the return package, bricks, biscuit packets, cardboard pieces. It is very easy to play fraud with Amazon and Flipkart.

The delivery boys were locked up in the bathrooms, some beaten up, for the silliest reasons ever, give me my change of 2 rupees, the POS not working, the order was late, an order was not functioning. These customers place the order just for fun using COD, the courier boy goes for the delivery and they say we did not order. Due to this, the lot of logistics and Supply chain is lost. Noida region is like Germany, they have highest fraud cases with Amazon. Educated, yet not.”

An ex-Flipkart employee Indradeep Banerjee also took to Quora to share his anecdotes. He said that apart from Noida, many parts of UP also report of such abuse cases.

“One time the delivery boy who was carrying three Macbooks was looted at gunpoint in an open field which was given as the address. We could not track down these buyers because the only piece of identity we had were mobile numbers and an address both of which are easy to fake in India,” Banerjee wrote.

Even an ex-delivery boy with Flipkart replied to the thread. “On my first delivery in Ghaziabad, I got beat up and mugged by three goons, one of whom was armed with a gun. Which sane person would agree to deliver items to such a place given that such incidents were occurring time and again!?”

Because of these people the genuine customers are also suffering, Rahul a Manager at a famous MNC says,’ I have been staying in Noida from a very long time and I am a regular customer of amazon, but if I have to order something that is pricey then I have to give the address of my friend living in Delhi so that they deliver my order.’

Well, all these experiences are valid enough not to deliver in such regions. But because of few people all the people living in Up are suffering. Don’t you think?

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