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Amazing! Coke Studio Technique Gives Music To Deaf People.

Could you imagine living without ever hearing music? Concerts and songs are often taken for granted by many people with full hearing, but its an activity deaf people can’t enjoy in the same way, Coke Studio in Pakistan has solved the issue and brings music in deaf people lives.


If there’s any show in television which blends traditional folk music to mainstream tunes than it’d none other than Coke Studio. Yes Coke Studio, which has previously brought music from far-flung areas into the recording studio, has now come up with a beautiful initiative in Pakistan that will enable the hearing-impaired to enjoy music. Coke Studio for the Deaf, as the new initiative is called, has innovated with light and vibrations to make the experience accessible to those who cannot hear. The programme has been established in partnership with Deaf Reach Foundation.
Speaking about the initiative, Ibrahim Khan, Coca-Cola brand manager, says, “Coke Studio reaches millions around the world, but not the nine million people hearing-impaired people in Pakistan. We wanted to bring a small change in that regard.”

Deaf Reach founder Richard Geary said “Working together with Coke Studio has been a really amazing experience. Not just because we got to see the experience the young people enjoyed, but to create awareness in the country and internationally about the need to provide more opportunities for the deaf community.”
Music is a universal language, it travels way past the boundaries and limits and this Coke Studio initiative further proves it. Watch it here!

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