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After-effects of Demonetisation: Yamuna Expressway toll gets chocked

Soon after PM Modi’s move to ban the curreny notes, the whole nation is witnessing one of the most chaotic scenario ever.
The rush outside ATMs is now an everyday affair. Even the temples are out of cash, people are facing problems at hospitals, markets everwhere.

And now take a look at the long chaos on tolls! who could have thought of that now? The Yamuna Expressway toll witnessed huge chaos as the old currency notes are not being accepted there and people cant even use credit or debit cards. Which resulted in a 4 hour long traffic jam. We wonder when will all this come to an end.

Chaotic scenes and long queues were seen outside banks and ATMs, as people hustled to get valid currency for meeting their daily expenses on Wednesday.
Most of the cash dispensing machines ran out of cash within hours after being stocked, while thousands of ATMs are still not functional. Adding to the customer woes, there have been reports of bank servers facing technical glitches.
Even ATMs at the Finance Ministry and the Parliament House witnessed long queues with average waiting time of an hour.

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