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No Fear No Favour

After couple of upbeat tracks, the soulful third song of Aamir Khan’s Dangal, ‘Gilehriyaan’ is here.

The third track from Aamir Khan’s Dangal is out. Gilehriyaan features Fatima Sana Shaikh who plays Geeta in the film. The video showcases the journey Geeta embarks upon. Sung by Jonita Gandhi, the music is composed by Pritam. Coming from totally different background to adjusting in the city, there’s a lot of changes Geeta experiences. Of course, she is unaware of a lot of things but with a buddy by her side, Geeta is able to accept this new phase in her life. The difference with respect to training and lifestyle for Geeta Phogat takes a drastic change as she gets enrolled in the city’s wrestling school. This song perfectly pictures how Geeta embraces the new changes and accepts all of them. More than that, it’s the sense of freedom that she experiences after constantly being under her father’s set of rules.

Of course, Aamir as Mahavir Phogat is quite insecure about this change, which is very much visible in the song. While Geeta is experiencing the glitzy city life, Babita is still at home, working hard so even she can move out. As kids grow old, somehow, the want and need to explore life and move out pops up in their heads. That very emotion has been beautifully captured in this song. You can see the diversity in the lives of both the girls. Geeta embraces her femininity but still kicks butt in the ring while Babita is still under Mahavir’s roof, relentlessly practicing day and night. With all this happening, we also see how as a father and a coach, these changes are falling harshly on Mahavir.

Watch the song here:

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