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No Fear No Favour

After claiming Rahul Kanwal as Modi’s ‘agent’, Manish Sisodia now initiates twitter war for the railway rate hike!

This is definitely a very hard time for Aam Aadmi Party. After featuring one of their ministers on the controversial video and facing furore over the incident, the other leaders of the party gave even worse reasons to clear off their faces and landed up into even bigger controversy. And if this was not enough for Mr. Kejriwal to gulp down the humiliation, another AAP leader Manish Sisodia initiated a twitter war. Media personality Rahul Kanwal tweeted supporting the government on the recent railway rate hikes, saying that “if passengers want improvement, they should pay for it” Seems like Manish Sisodia did not like the statement at all, as just after this tweet he ignited a new twitter war to troll Rahul Kanwal and the BJP government. Manish took a jibe at Rahul saying that his logic was totally irrelevant.

Well the reason behind this twitter war is obvious to all. But will this war result in favour of loss of AAP is the question of the day!

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