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Advocate writes letter to PM Modi seeking proper ‘post mortem’ rights for women.

“Only lady surgeons and lady assistants must perform a post-mortem on bodies of women who suffered unfortunate death,” says RTI activist and advocate Yashendrl a Singh.

In a petition to submit to PM Modi, President Pranab Mukherjee, UP government and human rights office, Yashendra Singh wrote an application regarding the issue of performing the postmortem of a female body by female staff only. He wrote the letter asking for a direction to the State government. He has also sought a demand that the dress on the bodies, after being preserved in the air-conditioned room, would be removed by the assistants only before the autopsy. The body would be thoroughly cleaned with water and covered by cloth provided by the government or dress provided by the relatives while handing over to the kin.

In an exclusive conversation with NLC, Yashendra Singh said that, “ In India a women spends all her live preserving her self esteem, her body, her character from the society, She never lets another man touch her without her consent and now, when she is unfortunately no more in this world, she has to bear it all. That too in front of all strangers. This should be stopped. And for this, even I will go to the high court and file a PIL regarding the same issue.”

Although even after writing so many applications, Yashendra Singh has not a reply from anyone yet. But he says he will keep fighting for it until our Prime Minister considers this seriously.

Here is the letter.


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