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AAP ‘intolerant’ of media’s criticism; never misses a chance to hit back at the journos

When it comes to facing criticism by the media and being accused of not performing well, AAP seems to be quite ‘intolerant’. AAP ministers always attempt to keep their whip hand in twitter battles. They may not be available when it comes to performing their responsibilities towards their regime but these hyper active people are always available on twitter to clear their faces off the criticism by media on Twitter. Be it Shekar Gupta, Alka Lamba or Rahul Kanwal, all of them has been at the target of AAP.

These AAP ministers may not unite when it comes to rule a state powerfully, but on twitter they are united by thought of dubbing media as being a part of ‘Modi’s School of Journalism”.

The twitter rant between Manish Sisodia and Rahul Kanwal is clear evidence to the fact that AAP can never gulp down the blames and accuses by the journos.
The spat between AAP and Rahul Kanwal is now becoming an everyday chord for the country. Rahul Kanwal never misses any chance to point guns at Arvind Kejriwal led AAP. As a reaction to that, AAP ministers and Arvind Kejriwal himself have dubbed Rahul as ‘Modi’s agent’ or ‘Modi’s spokesperson’, accusing him to be clearly biased towards the Bharatiya Janata Party. Not to anyone’s surprise, this time also the new twitter battle is between these two again.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal always attempts to keep his whip hand in all twitter battles. Earlier on Tuesday, Rahul Kanwal gave a controversial reaction to Delhi’s regime tweeting that LG should run the national capital. But Kejriwal didn’t let this stream smoothly and instead, he reminded Rahul Kanwal of his duties and hinted him to keep his nose out of Delhi. Kejriwal also hit back at Rahul saying that he is unhappy with AAP winning in other states of the country.

Rahul reflexed back at Kejriwal targeting him with a tweet saying that “Political parties now a days seem to have serious problems with media questioning them Praise them, they’re happy. Question them, they snap!”

Earlier, Arvind Kejriwal’s spat with an anchor Rahul Kanwal on the surge in railway ticket prices was an amusing sight for twitterati.

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