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‘Aam Aadmi’ partying in Finland while Delhi suffers of Dengue, Chikungunya

‘Befikre’ maybe the latest movie of Ranveer Singh but this word suits much more of someone else. Aam Aadmi Party seems to be in so happy-go-lucky mode! People dying of dengue and chikungunya in their governance, no beds left in hospital for the patients, death toll by this viral disease raised to 13 but damn, who cares. When being in Finland the only thing you should think about is enjoying yourself. Rest of the issues can be solved later. That’s exactly what seems to be the mindset of the Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, Mr. Manish Sisodia.

Mr. Sisodia has flown to Finland on a first-class ticket for a one-day affair. But now it seems like he is so much in love with the place that he does not wants to return to Dengue-stuck Delhi anytime soon. Manish Sisodia has extended his one day long trip to 9 days now which includes 4 days of sight-seeing! There’s a lot more to his amusing trip. Mr. Sisodia is also attending an informal event of ‘World Skills Competition’ . Wow! This looks like a dream holiday package of a lot of people in Delhi. But alas, all we can do is to take antibiotics and hope that this fever is not dengue.

By: Swapnil Mishra

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