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No Fear No Favour

A Week battling mosquitoes and unwanted candle light dinners! Akhilesh Yadav when will you get it right?

This week was not a very happening one for Noida residents. From Thursday evening through all of Friday, Noidawallahs had to face long power cuts. Due to the switching of a power line and repair work on the Dadri power grid, the entire city did not have power on most of the evening and for only four hours early morning.

And people who had tasks of offices to work from home had to face the most severe crisis! There job was in threat as they couldn’t meet the deadlines due to power cut. But what does the government has to do with that? Nothing! Do they even have a clue about our cancelled weekend plans? Our postponed weekend parties and our missed weekend shows on television?

A number of sectors had no electricity for up to six hours on Saturday afternoon as well. So no AC, TV and other appliances for many who don’t have power backup at home. However, a few of them made the most of it and went on a one-day trip to nearby locations, while others enjoyed candle-light dinners at home. Here are some of the experiences the citizen had:

Had to wash laundry at uncle’s place in Delhi

No power means no cricket

A week battling mosquitoes

Had to plan getaway to beat the power cut

Thanks to the power cut, they had a candlelight dinner

Akhilesh sir! We all fold our hands in front of you. Please resolve this issue as these candle light dinners are too much for us and not-so-romantic now!

Your’s sincerely
Noida Wale

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