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No Fear No Favour

A day to thank all the wrinkled hands, whose blessings helped us come this far!

Every year on the first day of October, the wrinkled faces around us have a reason to smile a bit wider! After all its their own day. International Day for Older Person celebrates the aging of these young hearts every year.
This day has a different theme each year and for 2016, it is – Take A Stand Against Ageism. It challenges everyone to consider ageism – the negative attitudes and discrimination based on age – and the detrimental impact it has on older people.

The first day day of October is marked as the International Day for Older Persons by the United Nations. Voted into establishment on 14 December, 1990, the first International Day for Older Persons was observed on 1 October, 1991. The day is usually celebrated to raise awareness about issues the elderly face including age-related sickness

In India, while the day is being celebrated by a handful of functions across the country, this is perhaps the best time to really look within. For the elderly in India, things are not looking up. Even after trying to make people aware, after celebrating so many days for our Grandparents, the old age homes are still full with the people are waiting for their abroad settled kids to come back and take them home.

The saddest reality of our nation where ‘Sanskar’s’ are the most hyped aspects, we live in a society where the old age members of family are considered to be a burden. What goes around comes around, remember? Sometimes, in ways much worse than we have imagined.

Though, the situation and time has changed a lot in these years. People are becoming more aware and caring towards the older age group people. And kudos to these grand one’s they are so much active and concerned towards their own health now.

Now we can see a lot of parks where the grandpa’s are laughing hard for the laughter therapy or those grand ladies whose home made remedies are making the young girls look more attractive! Their liveliness gives all the young people even more inspiration to live the life to the fullest.

Maatru Devo Bhava Pitru Devo Bhava’ is what Hindu culture teaches its fledglings – that parents are the first gods known to man. This International Day of Older Persons, let’s take a vow to restore that dignity and respect we once offered the old.

Thanku Grand ma for teaching all the girls to mold themselves into a dignified woman and thank you Grandpa for telling us that if you want to achieve something, age is just a number!

By: Swapnil Mishra

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