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8 things you didn’t know that Google can do it for you. Thank us later.

You use google in every-day life. From searching that not-so-possible assignment, to know the details of that dress your favorite film star had worn the last night in the award function.

To know about the city which you have planned with your friends to visit this vacation, to the country which is in your bucket-list from your childhood. Google had helped all the people of all the age groups to get that information they wanted.

People see google only as a search engine. But today, we will tell you 8 things that google can do it for you rather than being a mere search engine. Scroll on to know what all you can do with Google.

1) Use it to compare the nutritional value of two different foods

Nutrition Comparison- Google

2) Want to do a barrel roll and cant able to that? Let Google do it for you. Type “do a barrel roll” and see what happens.

Do a barrel roll- Google

3) …and you can probably imagine what happens when you just type in “tilt.”


4) Having trouble with the math to leave a tip? There’s a versatile tip calculator built into the site


5) You can play a game like Zerg Rush just by typing it into the search bar

Zerg Rush- Google

6) Want to know the sunrise and sunset times for where you are? Just ask!


7) Don’t have that stopwatch with you when you needed it the most? Let google do it for you.


8) Type “recursion,” and get stuck in a meta loop!


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