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5 truthful reasons why you shouldn’t get married at the age of 25!

In your mid-20s, there is a lot of instability in your life and everything is so messed up that you feel like running away from them all. It is called mid-life crisis and quite frankly, everyone goes through it. However, if you are thinking to find a resort (away from all mess) in your partner and planning to get married then stop right there. Getting married at this point in life might add to your woes.

Here’s why you shouldn’t get married at the age of 25:-

1. You aren’t emotionally mature

If you are aged somewhere around 25, it’s most likely that you must have had a sour breakup by now. But you have got to admit that you haven’t been able to figure out what actually went wrong. You aren’t tactful enough to handle the emotional ups and downs of people around you or your partner’s for that matter. So, it’s not a great idea to make a lifelong commitment in such an unripe phase of your emotionality.

2. You are damn confused regarding your choices

Doesn’t it happen that you search through all the shops in the entire shopping mall and then get to decide the pair of jeans you would love to sport? How can you choose your life partner with whom you will have to spend the rest of your life when you don’t even know what to wear?

3. You haven’t discovered yourself yet

You won’t agree with this, but generally, people don’t realize what they are actually made of in their mid-20s. It’s most likely that you haven’t still found a job/profession which you can relate to or have a very vague idea about how you want to spend the rest of your life. When you are stuck up at the ambiguous crossroads in your life, holding hands with somebody won’t take you anywhere.

4. Your idea of a ‘settled-life’ might be different from that of your parents’.

It’s totally normal for your parents to push you towards hellfire Ooops marriage at this age, but dude, you better not listen to them. Our parents hail from a generation where life was quite simple, where a ‘decent salary’ and an ‘own house’ meant that a person has achieved everything. Somewhere down the line, you know that what you have achieved by now is nowhere close to the level of self-actualization that you long for.

5. You aren’t ready for compromises.

Believe it or not, after marriage, you will have to give up on your choices or passions in order to perform your marital obligations. It is very sceptical of us to say so, but quite honestly, you will have to make many comprises (be it your career, hobbies, interests) in your life once you get married. In a budding phase of your career, marriage might not be a good option.

In all, getting married this early in life won’t give you an emotional resort in your partner; rather it will make your life worse.

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