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After Cows and Buffalo’s milk products in the market AMUL is all set to launch its brand new CAMEL milk.

With food safety regulator FSSAI setting new standards for camel milk, dairy major GCMMF, which sells products under the Amul brand, today said it will launch camel milk in the next three months.

Amul will first start selling camel milk in Ahmedabad and will later launch in other cities.

As mentioned by the expert’s camel milk consist of higher levels of iron,vitamin C, and protein, as well as less fat! Now, let’s take a more detailed look at some of the other health benefits of camel milk.

Diabetes Treatment:Camel milk has a wealth of nutrients, including insulin, which is an essential component of human health. Insulin and glucose balance is very important for prevention of diabetes, making it a potential natural solution for diabetes, eliminating the need for insulin injections if a steady stream of camel milk is included in the diet. If used as a preventative measure, it can also prevent you from developing the disease in the first place.

Immune System:There is a surprisingly high level of proteins and other organic compounds in camel milk, some of which have powerful antimicrobial abilities. This means that it can help to boost the immune system and keep us healthy from the inside out.

Growth and Development:The high level of animal proteins found in camel milk, many of which are not found in goat and cow milk, can help to stimulate proper growth and development of bones and organ systems. Protein is one of the most basic building blocks of life, and camel milk provides a lot of it. In fact, in many cultures, camel milk is given to malnourished infants and children, as it can improve health and wellness so dramatically. Camel milk was first used as a way to prolong journeys through the desert when food and other chances for liquid were limited.

Stimulate Circulation:The high iron content found in camel milk makes it ideal for preventing anemia. Iron is a crucial component of red blood cells, which means that camel milk can increase circulation of the blood and oxygenation of the body’s organ systems and extremities. Following childbirth, injury, or period of malnutrition, camel milk can significantly help maintain health.

Autism Treatment:The high concentration of unique organic compounds has been known to have particularly powerful effects on the neurological system, and can even present certain autoimmune disorders. Numerous case studies have shown that autistic symptoms have been lessened or erased completely when camel milk was taken regularly. The exact pathways are unknown, but this is a potentially invaluable new remedy for a tragic affliction.

Allergic Reactions:Camel milk has been connected to reducing allergic reactions in those who regularly consume it. Further more, camel milk does not cause the same sorts of lactose intolerance reactions of cow milk, as it has a significantly different chemical makeup.

So hurry up to get all of the above-mentioned benefits of camel milk because AMUL DOODH PITA HAI INDIA

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