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Overburdened with books, schools generate robots

To excel in studies, children are under siege and since time immemorial are been victimized. The molding of their career has overburdened them owing to pressure from teachers and children. Breaking all shackles, students of a private school in Hyderabad sat on dharna to complain they have to attend school from 6:30 am for over 12 hours; followed by tuition and homework.

Verbalizing it out for the first time, the students narrated how they are in the verge of exploitation and are having insufficient sleep as they sleep close to midnight and wake up again at 5:30 am to get ready for school.
Kids have it tough irrespective of geographical boundaries and region.

This was certain to ensue as schools following such a curriculum can only generate Robots and not individuals with creative thinking ability.

The privatisation of education has a dreadful effect in a way so subtle that it often goes undetected.

The kind of education that widens the student’s bursting potential and wholesome personality is sidelined due to this rigid routine. There is obvious a need for government intervention correcting systematic anomalies.

The paradigm shift in higher education from service to business is a mounting concern today. The education is no more a moral cause.

Various aspects of commercialized education system affect the students’ psychological state as well as general behavior.

That’s what a twitter handle tweeted reacting to the students’ protest.

The dharna is a wake-up call for the school management system and liberally comes as a first of its kind student revolution.

Lets not terrorise the students in the name of studies and let the young minds breathe; as all work and no play make Jack a dull boy!

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