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Man fakes to catch wife in his own murder-for-hire plot

Misfortune detects enemies and it knocks door as many as thousand times and witnessing her piece of hard luck, this woman who wanted to end up her married life of 6 years hired a hitman for 2k to kill her husband. But misfortunes do happen and the hitman turned out to be her husband’s friend.

The act was an attempt to get separated from her husband but the hitman turned out to be rats to the husband.

Husband faked his own murder and send images to cops for evidence. The cops investigated and she is now serving 20 years in jail.

Undercovered cop pretended to be the hitman, used the staged photos to prove to her that her husband was dead, and then took the money she paid for the act.

“The crime wasn’t murder but hiring a hitman makes her guilty; she probably paid after she got the picture of her husband “dead,” says a twitter handle reacting to the murder.

This real-life incident is sure to give tough competition to all the thrilling silver-screen dramas.

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