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Monkey business: Robber high on petrol

We were told many tricks stories of monkeys in our childhood but this comes as a never heard before tale. While exploring the world around them, monkeys do get into a lot of mischiefs.

Much quicker on his acts, this mischievous creature grew bored A thorn was once stuck to the tail of a mischievous monkey and decided to sneaks off. The thieving monkey addicted to drinking petrol is caught by mechanics after they set up a stake-out to see who was draining fuel from their bikes.

Bike owners in Panipat, India, held a stake-out after finding their tanks empty.

The search for the stealer begins, and the locals realised the true culprit was none other than a monkey. Thinking as a mango orchard, the stuntman had been sucking on fuel pipes.

Caught in the act: “Animal was drinking so much petrol it was ‘always high’ and refused bananas.” The petrol-addict monkey is definite to take your breath away.

Monkey business: The thirsty creature is sure to be a petrol head; as the fuel pipes dangling and the tanks drained.
See how the robber waits patiently for his turn to pour out petrol from the tank.

Primate suspect: A thieving monkey addicted to drinking petrol has been caught stealing fuel from a motorbike.

Eventually, it overcame the addiction after locals repeatedly chased it away from the car park. The crafty monkey would wait until no one was around before ripping out a fuel pipe and taking a drink.

The monkey was clearly addicted to the petrol and did not pose any danger to humans’ as it was perhaps always high.

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