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Photoshop creativity with midas touch!

Photoshop has a magic in it as it can add on many effects in an extremely dull moment. But it requires a stream of creativity and the effort to be put into it is immense.

It’s not just about adding a puppy nose or a cigar or some little hearts in an image. As said this guy has taken the heights of photoshop to another level.

Just check it out how TheKrishPS creativity has reflected in his work amusing many.

Here we are privileged to fill up the missing member of Bahubali family. Look how the kiddo Bahubali has got that royal fiercely look of his legendary father.

Oh! That red carpet look is way too glamarous than we have ever seen.

Can’t stop drolling over this baby Micheal!

Here we got some quick watery trick for you!

OMG! This Fairy has landed on earth and all cameras can’t stop starring at this cute beauty.

Jesus must be impressed; Bob Marley in this small life.

Mickey, Mini, Donald and Goffy celebrating this princess’ beauty.

You dream about Eiffel Tower and I got one on my shades!

TheKrishPS, you got that nerve and creativity!

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