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10 types of people you always find in WhatsApp group chats.

Earlier we had to go out to talk to people, then phones made it easier but it cost money. Now thanks to technology, everything is free now including What’sApp. People start whatsapping because they simply got nothing to do! WhatsApp groups have gained extreme popularity and almost every WhatsApp user has minimum 3 groups on their phone (mine has 20!). Those groups, those highly edited display picture’s, those statuses, those selfies, those forward chains, those people who are interested in others lives than theirs, and updating their last seen status just to check others last seen, not to forget, those blue ticks.

1. The Group Admins.

The group admins has all the powers. Possibly because I happen to be the group admin of a few WhatsApp group chats. I can wield the power of adding and deleting people from the Group Chat. I don’t like you, i remove you.

2. The Overenthusiastic Replier.

This person is essentially why the “Mute Conversation” option was implemented for Group Chats. This person replies to every single comment in the chat. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE

3. The Quiet One.

You wonder whether this person even exists in the group. They never reply anytime in any conversation. Zero participation. But they are aware of everything that is happening in the group.

4. The Planner.

He/she knows that friendship cannot be formed through online communications alone. Let’s meet up guys. It’s been a long time we haven’t met each other.

5. The ones who are excited about the plan.

These people are always excited about the plan, but don’t really know what the plan is.

6. The Plan Spoilers.

This person always loves to cancel the plans by giving some random excuses or simply by saying no.

7. The Images and Video sharers.

The internet is running because of them. You very well know how it feels when someone floods an entire WhatsApp group chat with irrelevant images or videos. They love to share random, stupid and funny videos and photos. But the more popular option is just to give up and deal with the annoying people who populate your phone with stupid content.

8. The Chain Messagers.

These people will never stop harassing you by forwading long 6-7 pages of chain messages claiming that you will die if you don’t forward it to 10 people or something. *facepalm*

9. The Wisher

We all have that “Wisher” in our WhatsApp group, the one who only wishes “Good Morning and “Good Evening” everyday. And then they don’t even exist

10. The one who replies only with smileys.

You ask them how are you? They’d say 🙂 🙁 :”) ;'( 0.0 ;D You Understand??? They will emoticon your every question, query, life problem, mental disorder, etc. I sometimes think they have a strong belief in speaks louder than words. Sometimes I doubt their vocabulary skills. lol!

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