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10 beautiful pictures that show the immense strength of a mother

A mother, a women herself is a synonym of strength. Her strength is so immense that she can handle a whole family all by herself. Her strength is so immense that she can do the entire household and workplace chords all her life without a single holiday. Her strength is so immense that she can raise a child. And above all, she’s has a strength so incredible that she can give birth to a whole new life. The whole nine month journey of a woman as mother is not easy at all. And when it’s finally the time for her life to bloom out of her, it’s even harder.
It’s hard for the mother who is being hit with contraction after contraction, fighting to catch her breath; and it’s hard for the mama working to keep calm as she brings her preterm baby into the world sooner than she had planned. Even science says that the process of giving birth to a child is more painful than a bullet wound.

Here these 10 photographs capture by some talented birth photographers beautifully describe the extremely incredible strength of a woman giving birth to a new life.

1. This mom worked through an extremely fast, extremely intense labor to bring her third child into the world. Two minutes after this photo was taken, her baby was born into her father’s hands.57c5b0af1600002900bff69b

2. This mom gets a quiet, supportive touch from her son as she works through a contraction.57c49aea1600003503bff3d3

3. This mom was getting out of the tub, then had a contraction that immediately bought her to the floor. Her husband was right there through it all giving her support.57c5a0851600003503bff647

4. This mother showed so much strength as she endured over 11 hours of labor, which included hours of pushing. Her wonderful doula gave her a scarf wrapped around the birthing bar to help with the pushing when she started getting too tired




6. The moment a mother sees and holds the life she grew and brought into this world? The beauty cannot be described in words.


7. This couple’s first baby was stillborn at 39 weeks. Here, the mom is breathing a big sigh of relief as they welcome their rainbow baby.


8. “I was so thankful when our baby came out crying. It’s a sound I longed to hear from Paisley and Brody, my two previous stillbirths. I also had four miscarriages. My initial thoughts were, that hurt and I’m glad it’s over. But then it hit me: He was here and he was alive. We were bringing a baby home from the hospital! It still seems like such a dream.”


9. She’s reaping the rewards of a long nine months and many hours of labor. I also love that she’s proudly showing her postpartum tummy and all of her beautiful stretch marks are her battle stripes that tell the story of all the babies she’s been blessed to grow.


10. Tears of immense joy!


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