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Waking up early adds Asset to your life or Liability – Know Here

Every successful man in his world understands the importance of time. This is the only reason they wake up early. Waking up early morning gives more energy, enthusiasm and productiveness. The early risers are always one step ahead of the crowd because they have more time for planning, strategizing thing and getting organized.

A morning routine that leads to productivity is, in fact, a science that you can implement in your own life. But is there a right way to have a productive morning? After analyzing the advice, it became clear that there are a few important elements that many successful people include as a part of their day to have a productive morning.

Let’s have a look at most successful people of the world about what they do first after they get up.

Here is how, India’s richest person, Mukesh Ambani wakes up between 5 to 5:30 AM every morning. He works out in the gym located on the second floor of Antilia. This also includes swimming followed by reading a couple of newspapers.

Routinely, Ratan Tata attends the meetings of various companies of TATA Sons starting from 6 am, and in the weekends he either drives his cars or his own Falcon private jet early in the morning.

The prime minister of India, Narendra Modi is appreciated for his work around the globe. Even at the age of 67, the prime minister of India wakes up by 5 am. He performs pranayama, sun salutation, and yoga.

The much celebrated Pepsi CEO Indra Nooyi, who is often ranked among the world’s 100 most powerful women, is a light sleeper. She gets up at 4.30 a.m. and is not exactly an early sleeper either.

The new CEO of Google, a company that the world practically runs on, Sunder Pichai is an early riser. Waking up between 6:30 and 7:00 am, his morning rituals include reading an actual newspaper, not a virtual news trolling on his search engine.

Amitabh Bachchan who needs no introduction and seems to get better with age is disciplined when it comes to fitness and every other aspect of life. His day begins at around 5:00 am and he works out for more than an hour.  He hits the gym every morning

Let’s dive into the details of these great productive morning routine habits, and how successful people get them to stick day in, day out.

1) Glass of Water

When we sleep, our bodies get dehydrated. If you drink a glass of water in the morning, Your body will be replenished and the loss of water in your body during sleep will be feel refreshed. It’s a super easy and tiny thing you can do to wake up your body in the morning to get a good start on the day. I mean, it really can’t get any easier to improve your morning routine. Water is always a great idea!

2) Meditations

A positive mindset is invaluable when it comes to productivity, so meditating before work is a great way to get focused. It’s the perfect way to improve your morning routine, and it doesn’t cost a dime. Once you practice meditation for a while, you’ll feel the difference and wonder

3) Write it down 3 task

Before you jump into your day, write down three tasks that will feel good to accomplish that day. For example, you could write exercise, send an important email, and grocery shop as your three tasks. Try to gear your day to accomplish those three things. When you are gearing down to go to bed, you can look at those three tasks in your planner and feel satisfied knowing that you knocked them out.

4) Do whatever you love

Spend a half hour every morning doing something you simply love. Whether you are a fiction writer, artist, avid bird watcher, or baseball enthusiast, you can take time each day to learn something new or hone your skills.

5) Eat healthy breakfast

Eating breakfast refuels your body, enhances your mood, improves your concentration, helps you maintain a healthy weight, and is the foundation of a healthy diet. Eating a healthy breakfast can be quick and easy, and provide you with benefits that last the entire day.


#YogaInParis: Sky-high Yoga Overlooking The Eiffel Tower in Paris.

From L.A. to Paris, there’s no shortage of rooftop yoga classes. But some are more spectacular than others.

Tuesday, July 4 has people taking part in a yoga class on top of Paris’s other landmark tower — Tour Montparnasse — 210 meters above the city streets, practising a Sun Salutation over the Paris rooftops.

This is also a great way for sightseers to catch a great view of Paris. Esteemed Yoga Master MandanaMortazavi is holding classes every Tuesday this summer on the Tour Montparnasse rooftop in Paris, overlooking the Eiffel Tower.

However, one has to be an early-riser to attend this yoga session. This session will start from 7:30 am and go on till 8:30 am, July 4 to August 29, 2017.

The tickets can be availed online and are limited to two tickets per person per class only. Hence, yoga enthusiasts have to be super quick to get hold of these tickets.

In the case of rain, classes will be held in the indoor section of the tower’s Panoramic Observatory on the 56th floor.

“Who said fat can’t be flexible”! : Smriti irani

On International Yoga Day, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, founder of Art of Living Foundation led thousands of yoga enthusiasts in Himachal Pradesh’s Hamirpur. Among them, Union Textiles Minister Smriti Irani was also spotted. After the early morning yoga session, Ms Irani posted a picture on Instagram which is going viral.

#whosaid #fat can't be flexible 🤓😉#yoga in #Himachal 🙏

A post shared by Smriti Irani (@smritiiraniofficial) on

In the picture, Ms Irani is bent over and touching her toes. In the caption accompanying the picture, she asks, “Who said fat can’t be flexible” followed by a of emojis.

And as her caption ” who said, fat is not flexible” she enjoyed chai with some tasty pakoras after her healthy yoga session.

Irani has been unintentionally so factual on her point of fats can also be fexible as every now and then there are many oversizd people seen doing yoga, exercising, and working out in gyms.

By: Drishti Gupta

So, Yoga Is Behind Amit Shah’s Weight Loss? Ramdev Thinks So.

This generation is always in a hurry, living in the environment of stress, anxiety and the mental pressure. A modern day human doesn’t really need any proof to understand the fact. But there’s a sure way out which you can overcome all the mental pressure and stress, and overcome the everyday anxiety. And the way is Yoga. Yes! Yoga is the most effective of the medium to overcome the everyday anxiety.

Yoga can help in fixing a lot of things that happens in people’s everyday life. The international day celebrated across the world on 21st June to spread awareness and adopting Yoga in everyday lifestyle. The yoga guru Ramdev said “People who frivolously say that yoga is not a sport are ignorant and their opinion should be discarded. Yoga is also a sport and it should be included under the sports category.” He also added in a yoga camp held before the international day “Attempts should also be made to send yoga (as a sport) to the Olympics.”

Yoga is an invaluable gift of India’s ancient tradition. It’s the best way to get peace. It is proved that practising yoga helps to reduce and overcome the problems that even medicines are unable to cure.
Not only does the common man, or the Yoga gurus practice Yoga, your favourite Bollywood stars, too, practice Yoga in their everyday life. Have you ever wondered as for how do they maintain such svelte figure despite their busy schedules? The answer is Yoga. A reason they stay fit and healthy. Bollywood actresses like Shilpa Shetty and Malaika Arora Khan, popular for their trim and fit body, spends hours doing yoga.

Apart from Bollywood, our politicians have an inclination towards Yoga. During yoga camp, the yoga guru remarked that Amit Shah, the BJP President, had managed to lose about 20 kg of weight through Yoga.
So, what’s holding you back? Go, take that mat with you on 21st of June and do Yoga.

By: Rinki Chauhan

Here’s How Other Countries Celebrate International Yoga Day, It’s Interesting!

International Yoga Day, or commonly known as World Yoga Day, is celebrated annually on 21 June since 2015. Over 180 countries will participate this time, as informed by Prakash Javadekar, Human Resource and Development Minister. This year, embassies will also take part.

Events for International Yoga Day 2017 have already taken off in several countries in the last week. Yoga enthusiasts, dressed in white, performed various asanas at Yoga events held across the world.

Here is a peek at some International Yoga Day 2017 events being held across the world:

International Yoga Day 2017 in France.

Yoga enthusiasts came together in front of the famous Eiffel Tower to perform asanas.

International Yoga Day 2017 in Hungary.

International Yoga Day 2017 in Pakistan

The Indian High Commissioner GautamBambawale led people forward to perform various asanas in Pakistan.

International Yoga Day 2017 in the United States of America.

In Washington, hundreds of yoga enthusiasts gathered in front the historic National Mall to perform asanas.

International Yoga Day 2017 in China

China has stated that it will have the second largest celebration of the day in the world after India. Numerous big events are being held all over the country including the Great Wall of China.

International Yoga Day 2017 in Singapore.

Many Singapore citizens and national leaders came out on the weekend to celebrate the third International Day of Yoga. Envoys of Cambodia and Israel also joined in the events. About 8,000 people participated in 85 yoga sessions held on Sunday at 70 centers across the city-state.

International Day of Yoga 2017 in Japan.

Japan will be celebrating its third year International Yoga Day. It is also the only country to set up a Parliamentary League for the promotion of Yoga, which was established during the visit of Art of Living Founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar to Japan in April 2017.

Here are some videos of people celebrating International Yoga Day:

Video Credit: Times Of India

Video Credit: Euro News.

And the entire world.

By: Anamika.

Stuck in traffic ? Here is a better solution for you to get rid of that

How much time do you spent in traffic?  And what do you do when you got stuck ?

Most of us listen to radio and curse our lives for stucking in traffic, but a girl from Florida has find a better solution for this.

She rolled out her yoga mat and strike a pose, a yoga pose, that is – in the middle of a highway. “Clearing the traffic in my mind,” Kristin Bjornsen writes on Twitter along with a picture of herself doing the bhujang asana or cobra pose. Well, that’s one way to de-stress in the middle of a monster traffic jam.
Ms Bjornsen didn’t know it at the time but a truck had flipped over ahead of her – causing the two hour traffic jam. Traffic had come to a complete stop on the busy Miami highway on Wednesday and Ms Bjornsen’s car was running low on petrol.

“I had my windows down and my engine off as a result,” she tells Inside Edition. “And the view from up there is pretty nice so I couldn’t help but get out. I figured it was my only chance ever at striking a pose on the highway!”

So, that’s exactly what she did – even asking a fellow commuter to get out and take her picture.

Here is tweet of her


In a blog for the Miami New Times, where she works, Ms Bjornsen writes: “The reactions (to the photo) have ranged from “Lock Her Up” to “We need more of you in this world.” Obviously, I prefer the latter. The truth is I didn’t really do much yoga on the highway – I was just trying to make a point about traffic in Miami and how we handle it.”

“Part of me feels guilty that people actually think I was Zen-ing out on the highway. But in a way, I was. Because I was laughing at an uncontrollable situation, aghast that so few people got out of their cars, and making the best of what I hope only happens to me once in this lifetime.”

Well, now you know what to do the next time you find yourself stuck in traffic

This Proposal By A Guy To His Girlfriend Is The Most Adorable Video You Will Watch Today.

Finding your better half in the same profession is a dream comes true. And taking the cue from the same thing, man proposes the love of his life while he was busy doing the second most thing he loves, Yoga.

Yes! In a very adorable manner which would leave any women to fall to say a ‘yes’, Alec Horan proposed to his girlfriend Steph Gardner while they were doing some acrobatic yoga poses on the beach.

Gardner was in a backbend, balancing atop her boyfriend’s feet when he pulled out the ring box. Of course, she accepted the proposal.

The couple has been doing yoga together throughout their two-year relationship and often films their practice. So it wasn’t at all unusual that Horan set up a camera on the beach that day to capture the big moment.

Watch the video here:

Shilpa Shetty becomes the glamorous Yog Guru

One of the glamorous actress Shilpa Shetty who has ruled the Bollywood during her time and now has become the Yoga Guru.

Here’s a woman who is redefining the idea of fitness in Bollywood where it matters to be the right size. She practices what she preaches: yoga on a daily basis, regular exercise, healthy food, lots of laughter and wants people to know she’s doing it for the right reasons.

Not only this, she also recorded a video of herself and sold those videos online.

Till now Yoga has already been promoted by Yog Guru Ramdev Baba on a large level.

But Now, Shilpa Shetty is also planning for the same venture, as on Saturday Shilpa Shetty came to Jaipur and taught Yoga to huge number of crowds, where her husband Raj Kundra was also present and learnt yoga.

Like this Shilpa Shetty will go to several places to teach Yoga

“You call It Dehati,” Europe Is Selling These ‘Datun’ For Rs 267

When India and Indian’s are giving up on their traditional products, terming it as old fashioned and out-of-date, the world is now appreciating the value of the same. Right from implementing Yoga in their curricular to Dandiya workouts, everything has made its way into westerners’ lifestyle.

 Now, the other thing which had made Indian look ‘Dehati’ will soon be the everyday lifestyle of westerners’. Now, you will be wondering what that thing is. It’s ‘Daatun’. Yes, the thing which is prevalent in Indian villages has successfully made its way to the European lifestyle.

 A Czech company named Yoni recently posted a video about a “revolutionary” new product called the Raw Toothbrush, full of ~ minerals and vitamins ~.

Stating the numerous benefits of ‘Daatun’, the company posted the video on their Facebook page.

Watch the video here:

Of course, people immediately started calling them out for waking up a few thousand years late to the benefits of using ‘miswak’.

Is it back to the Game Time for Kareena Kapoor Khan?

Even in the simplest of outfits, Kareena Kapoor Khan never ceases to be a head-turner. Recently, she was clicked while stepping out of yoga class and not to mention, she looked gorgeous. Here’s a gorgeous and super fit Bebo. Kareena Kapoor Khan seems to have knocked off post-pregnancy flab. Bebo was spotted exiting her yoga class in Bandra, Mumbai. Take a look…

Kareena Kapoor Khan is one of the most good-looking actresses we have in Bollywood and her recent pictures further prove it. Kareena was recently snapped by the shutterbugs post a yoga session.

She was seen getting into her car but not before flashing a dazzling smile at the media. Bebo was seen sporting a grey graphic tank top, black track pants and flats and her hair was left open in wavy curls.

Kareena and Saif Ali Khan welcomed baby Taimur on December 20, 2016, and now the actress is on her way to get back in shape so as to gear up for her upcoming movie Veere Di Wedding, the shooting of which may start from June. Directed by Shashanka Ghosh, the movie stars Sonam Kapoor, Swara Bhaskar and Shikha Talsania.

Bebo recently stunned everyone with her charismatic performance at an award show where she paid tribute to the 4 Khans – Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan and Saif Ali Khan.

Kareena shut down haters who criticised the actress for making public appearances days after giving birth to Taimur, She said, “Yes, I was on my feet a few days after the delivery, but it’s upsetting to have people judge you for it. No one has the right to comment on how I conduct myself or what sort of a mother I am. Everyone seems to have an opinion. Postpartum depression is not a must, right? It’s whimsical to generalise that every woman goes through that phase, almost making it sound like a norm.

Every pregnancy and every mother’s journey with her child during those nine months and afterwards is different. You can’t draw parallels. No one out there really knows me or what I am feeling at a given time. How can anyone decide on my behalf whether I am supposed to feel depressed or if I can step out before 45 days? If I’m spoken about like that, what would it be like for other women?”