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Due to the cold, a single plane has not yet been taken off from the Delhi airport.

Due to the cold, a single plane has not yet been take off  from the Delhi airport.

On Wednesday, there was relief from shivering in the plains, but snowfall continued in the hills. The result of this is that many states of north India, including Delhi-NCR, were found to see dense fog on Thursday. Not even a single flight was available from Delhi airport till 7.30 am, while 12 trains were delayed. At the same time, the three flights to Delhi airport have also been changed.

Jet Airways has tweeted about weather updates. He wrote – Due to the adverse weather conditions at Delhi airport, our flights coming and going from Delhi have been affected.

Earlier, Delhi’s minimum temperature was 6.5 degrees Celsius. In Kargil minimum temperature of minus 17 was recorded. In Punjab, Rajasthan and Delhi, the minimum temperature has decreased as compared to the previous days. Fog effect has begun to fall on the rail and air traffic. Most trains reaching Delhi are delayed. Time has changed for some trains. Some have been canceled.

On Wednesday, the minimum temperature in Rajasthan came to minus. The temperature of only three cities in the state was above 5 degrees. Fatehpur recorded a temperature of 1.5 degree Celsius and Mount Abu was 4.4 degrees Celsius.

Noon Chai: Kashmirs Unique Pink Tea.


This pink-coloured tea is a traditional local beverage enjoyed in Kashmir
It is made with milk, nuts and sea salt
It is known to warm the body and is usually had two-three times a day

Winter is finally here and it the perfect weather to snuggle with a hot cup of tea. Tea lovers are known to have their own favourites. Some like it lightly brewed, some prefer the kadak milky chai and some enjoy the spicy kick of masala chai. Tea is one of the most loved beverages in India and even around the world not without reason. A soothing brew can easily get you through a gloomy day. You may have never thought about it but there are many ways to experiment with a cup of tea. Take the Noon Chai from Kashmir, for instance. It is nothing like your regular chai yet as lovable.

This unusually pink-coloured tea is a traditional local beverage enjoyed in Kashmir. Among the other authentic Kashmiri delights, this pretty pink tea with sea salt and warm nuts really stand out. It has a buttery texture and spicy-nutty flavour that leave you with a warm, fuzzy feeling. The Noon Shai or Sheer Chai or Gulabi Chai is made with a special type of tea grown in Kashmir.

The trick lies in getting the blush pink colour.So, how does the tea turn pink? if you think it is saffron,you’re totally wrong. The colour comes from adding a pinch of baking soda which is known to react with the tea and turn it into a red liquid and it finally transforms into the beautiful pink tea on adding milk.

People drink the noon chai at least two-three times a day to keep themselves warm and it is often enjoyed along with a homemade Kashmiri bread known as Choat or Lavaas which makes for a unique regional breakfast. It is also served in Pakistan where it is called Sabz Chai and in Afghanistan where it is known as Shor Chai.

Foods that you must have for better digestion in winters.


With the winters finally setting in, the need to stay indoors and snuggle up with a cup of chai will only increase as days go by. It’s the best time to enjoy all those warming winter comfort foods in the cosy company of your quilt. Given all this, it is but natural for the metabolism to take a hit. When you’re continuously exposed to low temperatures, your body takes it as a signal to conserve energy and heat, thus slowing down your metabolism.

With this delayed metabolism, your digestion is also not at its best. Eating the right kind of foods is very important to keep the digestion smooth and going. Your tendency to shift towards foods like nuts, seeds, grains, soups, stews are signals from your body. Here are some foods that you must load up on for better digestion in winters.



1. Winter Greens

The tremendous variety of greens the season brings along with itself is mind-boggling and also the greatest news for good health and digestion. Mustard greens, fenugreek, spinach, cholai, bathua are all packed with dietary fibre that helps bulk up your stool, thereby regulating your bowel movement and digestion. The high fibre content also keeps you satiated for long, thereby curbing your urge to binge on other fattening foods which can also help you shed a pound or two. Have them as part of your sabzis, soups, stews, broth. You can steam them, use as a part of stuffing mixture in wraps, rolls and parathas too.


2. Ghee

Ghee is back in vogue and we can’t be happier. Ghee or clarified butter is used extensively in the north to prepare many winter delights such as Panjiri, Gondh ka laddoo, Moong dal ka halwa to keep the body warm. In addition to digestive function, ghee or clarified butter also supports the immune system in the nippy weather. Ghee helps aid healthy gut bacteria present in the gastro-intestinal tract which plays a crucial role in smooth digestion. Swapping ghee with refined oils has been one of the biggest blunders of modern cooking, according to Macrobiotic Nutritionist and Health Practitioner Shilpa Arora. According to her, “Ghee consists of fat soluble vitamins, which aid weight loss. Ghee also plays a key role in balancing hormones and maintaining healthy cholesterol. It has led to serious health disorders like diabetes and high blood pressure.

3.Herbs & Spices

Herbs and spices in the food not only help keep the body warm but also boost digestion. Your kitchen pantry is full of them – cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, cardamom, cayenne, nutmeg, and cloves are all known to trigger the digestive fire and lets not forget their contribution in strengthening our immune system. You can infuse them in tea or a warm beverage like kadha, have the in soups and broth or add them to your curries and desserts.

4. Fibre

High fibre foods regulate the speed of digestion, add bulk to your stool and aid smoother bowel movements. They also keep your blood sugar levels in check. High fibre foods play a crucial part in maintaining good heart-health by reducing the risk of stroke and hypertension. A diet rich in fibre helps you manage your weight by keeping you full for longer and curbing unwanted cravings. Apart from the winter greens, there are many seasonal vegetables and fruits that can help you up your fibre intake. Carrots with both soluble and insoluble fibres make for an excellent vegetable for those looking to increase their fibre intake. Radishes, guava, apples are also high on fibre quotient.

5. Stay hydrated

Ever noticed how with the dip in temperatures, there is also a sudden dip in our intake of fluids? Well, this may not be the best idea for your digestion. Not drinking enough water or fluids could make the intestines stiff, thereby making the food passage tougher. For smoother movement through intestines and elimination of waste, it is essential to be hydrated at all time. So keep taking sips of water through the day, warm water is even better. Have stews and soups to increase your fluid intake. Water based vegetables like radishes, and tomatoes are very effective too.

Follow this diet and make your body fit and fine in winters. So don’t waste your time in spending money on different eatables just for better digestion, just go with this food items and stay happy.

Do you get Goosebumps on ‘every’ song you hear? Well, winters are here!

Winter is coming’ No, we aren’t revealing any spoilers to the latest installment of Game of Thrones, but we are more focused on the ‘real winters’ that has come. With winters at the door-step, restrictions on many of the things are imposed accordingly, like not being able to eat ice-cream, wearing sweaters at your mom discretion and so on. We have made up a list that indicate that winters has finally come.

6 signs winters have come.

1. Your mum is forcing you to wear sweater. Duh! She’s is feeling cold.


2. Your tap water is colder than your fridge.


3. Ice-cream ban at home

4. You left your clothes out to dry. Two days later, still wet


5. The city is so foggy; you can’t even see your girlfriend standing beside you.


6. In the end. Finally, winter has come