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5 Natural ways to Soothe stomach – Health Remedies

5 Natural ways to Soothe stomach – Health Remedies

Everyone experiences an upset stomach and indigestion, or dyspepsia, from time to time after eating or drinking. Add to that cramping, nausea, belly bloating, or diarrhea, and it becomes near impossible to deal with day-to-day tasks. While it’s a good idea to keep your diet simple. There are certain foods can actually help soothe the stomach.

  1. Banana

There’s a reason bananas remain a recommended energy booster for marathon runners: Bananas are easily digestible and generally won’t upset your stomach. Plus, bananas help with an upset stomach because they contain pectin, which helps to naturally initiate bowel movements.

2) Water

We all know that water is crucial for the proper work of the digestive system. Water is also very important in cases of diarrhoea because it protects us from dehydration and the same goes for cases of constipation because it eases the passage of stool. Mix a cup of warm water with one teaspoon of table salt in order to soothe gastrointestinal distress.

3) Turmeric

Turmeric is mentioned as a good remedy for digestive problems even in traditional Ayurvedic. The use of the active ingredient of turmeric to heal acid reflux and gas. You can find tinctures and pills based on turmeric in almost every health store.

4) Rice

Rice, along with other starchy foods such as potatoes and oats, helps coat the lining of the stomach, easing digestion and having an overall soothing effect, Starchy foods also don’t sit in the stomach for long periods of time, nor do they stimulate acid reflux, which would make you feel even worse.

5) Herbal tea

Herbal tea can also help tame a troubled tummy. Chamomile is used because it is thought to reduce inflammation, although pretty much any herbal brew is a great way to get liquid into your body. But stay away from peppermint tea. It can relax the lower oesophagal sphincter, allowing acid and other stomach contents to splash up into the oesophagus and cause heartburn.

The main advantage of natural remedies is that in most cases these remedies don’t come with any side effects. In addition, they are not expensive and their use is simple.

Rs 65 lakh a litre for water? This company is set to sell water at a price of an Audi in India

With Apple setting the ultimate benchmark of luxury with their latest iPhone X, at a cost where one can easily buy a Tata Nano, there’s another brand, though not in the same league, setting the luxury goals. The company, you ask? It’s Beverly Hills, who is soon setting their steps in Indian shores to sell water.

Now, you ask what so luxury is in water? Well, the answer is hidden in the price of the water. The company is set to sell the water at price of Rs 65 lacs, jaw dropped? As luxurious the name, the luxurious the water is. And price with like that, it’s not hard to guess who will buy the water. You guessed it right, family sitting in Antilla, the Ambanis.

The mere ideology of marking such a price to the product is the process that makes it so, the kind of packaging it has, the way it is made. They are designed by a renowned jeweler and each exquisite bottle features a white gold cap set with over 600 G/VS white diamonds and over 250 black diamonds, totaling 14 carats.

On the top of everything, the Diamond Edition package also includes a one-year supply of the Lifestyle Collection of Beverly Hills 9OH2O.

Next, to the packing process, it is the quality of water that matters. The superior spring water was taken from 5,000 feet up in the pristine southern California Mountains. Catering to the crowd that is looking for a bespoke experience while consuming water, Beverly Hills 9OH2O is redefining the taste and class of water.

The company’s Co-founder and President Jon Gluck has said, “The taste of Beverly Hills 9OH2O is silky smooth, incredibly crisp, and remarkably light.”

He added, “Beverly Hills 9OH2O has attracted a wide variety of loyal and passionate buyers. Our buyers include bottled water lovers, health-conscious consumers, and luxury consumers. One of the strongest and most interesting segments of our following are people who do not drink alcohol. They tell us that they are thrilled to have for the first time a beautiful and great-tasting non-alcoholic beverage that can be proudly enjoyed in fine settings alongside wines, champagnes, and fine spirits.”

When asked about the other products of the company sources quoted that different qualities of water are available that varies from Rs 100 to 500 ml and Rs 800 for 1 liter etc.

Another Manjhi in making: This man from Chhattisgarh dug a pond for 27 years to find water

For years, Saja Pahad village in Chhattisgarh’s Koriya district faced water shortage. Villagers found it difficult to quench the thirst of their cattle, but they did not know what to do. And the government, too, did nothing.

Then one day 15-year-old Shyam Lal decided to take his spade and dig a pond. Fellow villagers laughed at him. But the tribal teenager was determined.

Lal identified a spot in the forest in and kept digging — for 27 years, according to villagers.

The result is nothing less than that of Bihar’s mountain man, Dashrath Manjhi — a one-acre 15-feet deep pond, which is filled with the elixir of life.

“No one helped me in my work, neither the administration nor the villagers,” the 42-year-old beams proudly, adding that he did it for the welfare of the people and the cattle of his village.

Villagers hail him as a role model and saviour. Ramsaran Bargar (70), a local who witnessed Shyam toil through the years, says, “The pond is now used by everyone and we are all thankful to him.”

Sources said Saja Pahad, which lies near a hillock under Chirimiri, still does not have electricity or proper road connectivity. The only source of water for the villagers is a couple of wells.

On Friday, MLA Shyam Bihari Jaiswal, who represents Mahendargarh constituency, under which Saja Pahad falls, visited the village and presented Shyam with Rs 10,000 for his efforts.

District collector of Koriya, Narendra Duggal has also promised his support to Lal.

“I came to know about Shyam recently. His effort for his village is commendable and I will go to his village to provide him with all possible help,” he said.

Lal’s efforts match those of Dashrath Manjhi, who carved a path 110m long, 9m wide through a hillock using only a hammer and chisel over 22 years (1960–1983), reducing the distance between Atri and Wazirganj blocks of Gaya town in Bihar from 55 km to 15 km.

Lal’s work comes as a relief at a time Chhattisgarh is suffering from drought-like situation this year. The rainfall has been 10% short of the average over 10 years. District collectors have been directed to ensure proper utilisation of irrigation facilities.

Mumbai lawyer gets trapped in car, found dead in the morning

As rain wreaks havoc in Mumbai, a lawyer body is found in his car in Sion, the initial report suggest that the lawyer died due to suffocation in the car. This is the first of the death reported from Mumbai as flood grips the whole city Mumbai.

The lawyer found in his car who was unconscious, who was taken to Sion hospital which was meters away from the spot where the lawyer was found unconscious in the car. After taken to the hospital, he was declared brought dead.

According to the Sion police, the man, identified as Priyam Mithia, a resident of Sion, had gone to the street opposite Gandhi Market to park his car. The vehicle got locked automatically and he could not rescue himself.

“In the morning we found a Santro car parked in the middle of the road towards Shanmukhananda Hall. We found a man inside. We opened the car and rushed the man to Sion hospital. He was declared dead on arrival,” said Mrudula Lad, senior police inspector of Sion police station.

Lad said the doors of the car were jammed owing to waterlogging.

The windows of the car were also rolled up.

The police have sent the man’s body for post-mortem. “We will know the exact cause of death after post-mortem,” said Lad.

However, the people were adviced to remain indoors and not to leave their house. People were also requested by the authorities not to remain inside their cars, instead to walk from their vehicles and reach-out for the safer places even if they have to walk over water.

Train Driver Holds Umbrella To Avoid Leaky Water From Train’s Ceiling

It will be 70 years of India’s Independence in 4 days and we have covered a long walk of development, or do we? A picture is going viral on the internet where the driver of the train is seeing fighting the leaky ceiling of the train with an umbrella in one hand, and controlling the panel with the other.

What’s more depressing is the casual outlook of railways. How difficult is it to mend a leaky roof in the driver’s compartment in a train? It looks like much.

The driver was not at all concerned about his state, what made them about the concern is the panel being damaged putting lives of hundreds of passenger at risk. The speaker of the video illustrates the dismal state of the compartment, which has been leaking for years and is always covered with papers.

There is no space for the crew to even keep their bags! The government is apparently in deep slumber because nothing has been done to rectify the situation yet.

The ‘Noses’ Runs Dry In Rome: As Temperature’s Soars, Rome Is Facing Water Crisis

Rome may be the only city in the world which boasts about their more than 2,000 public fountains supplying excellent cool drinking water. Fountains are the symbol of the city and more than that, it is a welcome source of refreshment for thousands of tourists and locals.

But baking summer heat has forced Rome to close some of the drinking fountains known as “big noses”, or “nasoni”, that constantly gush fresh water on thousands of street corners, causing a public outcry, as Italy grapples with severe drought.

Nasonis are small fountains that could be defined as “democratic” because they are found in residential areas and suburbs as well as the historic city centre. They are made of cast iron and stand about 1 metre tall, with distinctive spout supplying a continuous stream of potable water; at the centre of the spout is a hole from which one can drink when the outlet is blocked with the hand to produce a jet of water.

Hit by the soaring temperatures drying out southern Europe, the Italian capital has started turning off up to 30 of the 2,800 distinctive curved metal taps every day, dismaying Romans and prompting concerns homeless people would become dehydrated.

The decision to turn off the drinking fountains was announced on Thursday by Acea, the company which manages Rome’s water, and the first 30 ‘nasoni’ will be closed on Monday with more to follow throughout the summer period.

“We are well aware of the inconvenience that our initiative may cause,” said Acea’s president Paolo Saccani, but added that the measure was “justified by the exceptional drought”.

A report by environmental organisation Legambiente warned earlier, that almost half of the water is wasted, pumped into Rome’s fountains due to problems with the pipes which have turned the system into a “sieve”. Now turning off Rome’s fountains will give Acea a chance to carry out much-needed improvement works on the piping, according to Saccani, who said old pipes would be replaced and leaks repaired throughout the city.

By: Simran Dhingra

World’s First Water Park For Disable People Has Just Opened, And Its The Best Thing To Happen

With summer upon us, water parks across the world will be filling up with children and adults looking for a fun way to cool down on a hot day. And thanks to this incredible new water park called Morgan’s Inspiration Island in San Antonio, Texas, people with disabilities can also join the fun!

Water parks are notoriously inaccessible for the disabled, but Morgan’s Inspiration Island aims to change all that because it’s the world’s first water park designed specifically for people with disabilities.
“Our goal is to provide a great guest experience in an inclusive, safe, comfortable, not-overly-crowded environment,” says park founder Gordon Hartman, who worked with doctors, parents, teachers, special needs therapists, and caregivers in order to create an extension to Morgan’s Wonderland that caters to people with all varieties of disability.

The venue offers traceable bracelets that allow parents to locate their children, and it also provides PneuChairs, air-powered, waterproof wheelchairs that families can rent for free. Every part of the park is wheelchair-accessible and children with “special needs” can enter the park for free. The park even has the ability to quickly change the heat of the water in order to accommodate guests who are sensitive to the cold!
“Morgan’s Inspiration Island promises to give individuals with physical or cognitive special needs a place where they can splash and play without barriers,” Gordon said. “[It] is not a special-needs park; it’s a park of inclusion.”

Water parks are great fun, but most of them aren’t accessible to people with disabilities.











Cobra Being Fed Water From The Water Bottle Is The Amazing Thing You Watch Today.

The ever rising temperature and the ever increasing heat had forced living being to find the shelters or kept reaching to the water bottles. That being said not only does human being follows the suite of drinking water and go on rampaging if failed to find one.

And with that happening, have you ever seen Cobra drink water from a bottle? It happened. It probably shouldn’t have. Wildlife generally does not like human confrontation and are least interested in whether we offer them water or not.

In the same video, a cobra goes in a rampage mode to find water in a drought-hit village.

Heatwave: Short relief , but ‘worst’ is yet to come

It was a hazy and windy morning in Delhi on Tuesday, with the mercury dropping to a 21.8 degrees Celsius, and not expected to rise above 39 degrees Celsius during the course of the day.


Capital endured eight straight days with the temperature exceeding 38 C before temperatures fell just short on Tuesday with a high of 37 C. A high of 32 C is more common in early April.Millions of residents and animals will remain at risk for dehydration, heat exhaustion or heat stroke as highs at or above 38 C continue to plague nearly all of India through at least the middle of the week.

The exceptions will be northeastern India, the Himalayas and coastal communities. However, the India Meteorological Department said that the haze is because of a dust storm. Under the influence of a western disturbance, wind speed has picked up in the city. A western disturbance is a storm that brews in the Mediterranean Sea bringing rain bearing clouds to Delhi influencing wind direction and speed.

Winds blowing at a speed of 12kmph in Delhi on Tuesday morning kicked up dust and reduced visibility. The air quality in Delhi was ‘moderate’. Their health advisory reads that the “air quality is acceptable; however, there may be a moderate health concern for people sensitive to air pollution.”


Experts expect thunderstorm and possible rain on Wednesday, which will help bring down the temperature in the city. By Saturday, the day temperature will drop to 34 degrees Celsius. With no rain expected in the near future after Wednesday, temperatures will start climbing back up from Sunday. IMD had earlier said that between April-June, the city is likely to experience above normal temperature on most days.

As It was a cloudy Tuesday morning here with the minimum temperature which was three notches above the season’s average.It will be the partly clouded sky. Dust storm and thunderstorm are very like to occur, ThreatThe maximum temperature is likely to hover around 37 degrees Celsius.


Humidity at 8.30 a.m. was 43 per cent.

Monday’s maximum temperature was recorded five notches above the season’s average at 39 degrees Celsius. The minimum temperature was 21.4 degrees Celsius, three notches above the season’s average.

No heat relief is expected to grace the southern half of India where above-normal temperatures will continue into next week. However, there is growing confidence that parts of northwestern India will get a welcome break from the heat later this The threat

Skynet of dehydration, heat exhaustion and heat stroke will continue to loom large over millions of people and animals as day temperatures settle over 40° C through the rest of India, except north and northeast, Skynet. And the worst, it warns, is yet to come



You’ve Been Washing Your Hair Wrong All The time know what’s the right way, read here:

We all want our hair to look good, be soft and shiny, that it does not fall too much and always be in a way that we can style it in a million ways to go with whatever we wear. Advertisements today even cater to this major need.

Sadly, not all recommendations and advertisements work, they end up leaving the person disappointed and at a loss higher sometimes as well. We will all wish the world to be a wish granting factory but sadly it isn’t and you have to find your own solutions. In this case, you don’t even need to find a solution because you can help your hair and in the process yourself by just avoiding some mistakes you normally do.

Towel drying damages your hair.

Thanks to friction, drying your hair using towel can lead to frizziness which can lead to hair damage as well. Instead, you could use other methods such as using a t-shirt or blotting your hair.

Pick the Right Product

Not all shampoos are considered equal. Choose one based on the style you want to achieve post-wash. Keep in mind that because volumizing options are lighter and contain fewer moisturisers, they can leave hair a bit tangly. Contrarily, hydrating formulas are rich in oils that will nourish strands, but can also weigh them down. Looking for a gentler option? Sudsers formulated to protect color-treated hair won’t open the cuticle as much, so they’re choice for a milder cleanse, says Abramite. Try one if you’re shampooing daily.

root to tip!

Sometimes in a hurry and sometimes because you don’t care, we don’t wash our hair properly. Your most important area is the root where most of your problems will be dealt with. Apply your conditioner on the strands to the tip and it will help you moisturising your hair.

The shampoo isn’t the correct choice.

Advertisements show that shampoos should be used to make your hair soft? No. They essentially, in the long run, damage your hair more than the benefit they give you for a short term. Being chemical in nature, they can make your hair dry and ultimately lead to loss of hair from the scalp. Surely you wouldn’t want that. You could skip it and use water and make your hair healthier, because hey it’s growing for you.

Repetitiveness destroys your hair!

The rinse-and-repeat technique isn’t always the best. Doing a second round strips your hair from the moisture it has. Do this only if the need is high otherwise you’re creating a problem for yourself.

No to hot shower

After you’ve had a really long day, maybe at school, college, with friends or at work or anywhere you tend to get tired and at that moment we want to have a hot shower, massage and a good sleep. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Not really. Hot shower damages your hair. You should instead replace the hot water with lukewarm water


Track time while conditioning.

After you use conditioner, people don’t let it settle and they wash it. You need to time yourself. Also, detangle your strands when you have conditioner and see the smoothness like you’ve never before.

You shouldn’t condition wet hair.

Most people usually condition their hair just after they wash it not realising the fact that they aren’t supposed to condition dripping wet hair because in this case, it doesn’t affect they way it should.

There you go.

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