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Britain gives a clean chit to India for fugitive Vijay Mallya extradition

Britain gives a clean chit to India for fugitive Vijay Mallya extradition

UK Home Secretary Sajid Javid yesterday ordered the extradition of Vijay Mallya to India, in a major blow to the embattled liquor baron. The 63-year-old businessman had lost a legal challenge against his extradition in a British court in December. In case of fraud and money laundering, Indian banks have about 9,000 crore of dues on the Mallya. His was arrested in Britain in April last year. Right now he is on bail.

Mallya had several arguments in his defense in court, but the court did not listen to him. The court said that this billionaire businessman living a life of snuff has given a “wrong description of his financial transactions” and used to lend the bank’s debt to other works. The court dismissed the allegations made by Mallya about the situation of prison in India and the conduct of investigating agencies and the courts. Although Mallya can appeal to the UK government within 14 days after approval. The UK government gives 14 days to appeal in such cases. This decision is being considered as a major achievement of India.

Hearing, after the London court’s decision, fugitive businessman Vijay Mallya said that the court’s decision has not surprised me. My lawyers are studying this decision. Only after their study I  will move forward.

Mallya, tweeted  and  attacked politicians and media for ‘constantly talking loudly’ about him “being a defaulter who has run away with PSU bank money”. “All this is false. Why don’t I get fair treatment and the same loud noise about my comprehensive settlement offer before the Karnataka High Court? Sad,” he added.

The decision of the British court is being considered as a big success for the Modi government. After extradition of Michelle from UAE to India, Mallya has also achieved great success in bringing the country into the country. Referring to Michelle’s extradition Narendra Modi also did in an election meeting. It is believed, therefore, that Mallya’s extradition will be a major issue of BJP’s campaign in the promotion of Lok Sabha elections. The news of the resignation of Governor of  Urjit Patel was being seen as a major setback for the BJP. But the news of extradition of Mallya shortly after this has definitely given him relief.

Union Minister Arun Jaitley has blamed the Opposition after getting the Mallya extradition approval from the British government. Jaitley tweeted that the Modi government has taken another step further in the way of bringing Mallya to India. On the other side, the Opposition is uniting to save the scamsters of the Saradha chitfund.

Arun Jaitely’s Daughter & Son-In-Law Jayesh Bakshi’s Firm Took Rs 24 lakh from Gitanjali Gems

Mahul Choksi gave the money to the daughter of Finance Minister Jaitley’s daughter, 24 lakhs.

Rajasthan Congress leader Sachin Pilot has made a press conference in Delhi and has fiercely targeted the BJP. Pilot tried to encroach Finance Minister Arun through fraudulent diamond merchant Mehul Choksi, accused of fraud, and said, “Gitanjali James gave Rs 24 lakhs to the legal firm of Sonali Jaitley and son-in-law Jayesh Bakshi, daughter of Arun Jaitley’s daughter.

Pilot said that on February 20 Sonali and Jayesh returned 24 lakh rupees saying that they have not done any work for Mehul. He alleged that Arun Jaitley was already aware of the disappearance of diamond trader Mehul Choksi. It is important that on January 4, 2018, Mehul Choksi had escaped from the country.

This is the second time when the Congress has tried to put Finance Minister Jaitley in the circle of questions. The Congress had alleged that Vijay Mallya had met Arun Jaitley in Parliament before fleeing the country.

The Congress alleged that Finance Minister Jaitley’s daughter Sonali Jaitley and son-in-law Jayesh Bakshi had accepted their relationship in December 2017 from Geetanjali James Limited, a company owned by Mehul Choksi. During this period, Rs 24 lakhs were received by Jaitley and Associates from Sonali Jaitley and Jayesh.

Indian taxpayer’s money invested in Vjay Mallya’s luxurious ‘Lady Walk’ in London: UK’s SFO

Days after fugitive Vijay Mallya was arrested by the British police in London and released on bail within minutes by a London court, Britain’s Serious Fraud Office (SFO) has now discovered that the absconding liquor baron’s plush London residence, Lady Walk was bought using the Indian taxpayer’s money.

As reported by India Today Tv, a confidential note prepared by the CBI mentions that Mallya made a payment of about Rs 39.7 crore to Continental Administrative Services, from Kingfisher Airline’s HSBC account in London. The CBI stated that British company, Continental Administrative Services “is having the ownership interests in the property at Lady Walk, London.

Brittain’s SFO has shared the details of their probe on Mallya’s money laundering case to the CBI, which also includes his present residence in London, LadyWalk, a property which previously belonged to F1 champion Lewis Hamilton.

The SFO further informed the Indian probe agency that the absconding businessman had also transferred at least Rs 242 crore from the Kingfisher Airlines Axis Bank account to its accounts in London. In its note to the CBI, the SFO stated, “The loans disbursed by various Indian banks were routed through the said Axis Bank accounts.”

Being accused of defrauding Rs 9000 crore tax payer’s money given by a consortium of 17 banks, beleaguered business tycoon, Vijay Mallya, from alone IDBI Bank, has laundered around Rs 500 crore of the Rs 900 crore loan taken. Earlier, in June this year, while the Enforcement Directorate was filing charge-sheet of money-laundering against Mallya, the liquor baron tried to transfer funds worth Rs 117 crore, from his companies in London to the CBH Bank in Switzerland.

In a letter to the British and Swiss authorities, the CBI sought for a freeze on these assets , stating that the Indian probe agency felt that “there are reasonable grounds to believe that the funds used for acquisition of the property at Lady Walk and the funds lying in the accounts of the aforementioned British companies originated from the proceeds of loans disbursed by Indian Banks”

Vijay Mallya to be kept in Kasab’s Barrack 12 in Mumbai Jail, Govt informs London court

Writing to the London court about the living and security conditions of fugitive liquor baron Vijay Mallya, the Union Government submitted the report on the same after he is extradited to India.

After Vijay Mallya is brought back to India, he would be living in the same jail where the 26-11 Pakistani terrorist Ajmal Kasab was kept in Arthur Road jail.

In the report, submitted by the government, states that Arthur Road jail, which is located near Mahalaxmi racecourse, has all the measures for the safety and security of the inmate. “The report was prepared in detail by the jail department and handed over to the government, which in turn, through the CBI, sent it to the Westminster Magistrates’ Court which is hearing Mallya’s extradition case,” said a source. The report speaks about the security system and condition of the jail barrack. This is to make sure the London court could speed up the extradition process.

The Arthur Road jail has official capacity to lodge prisoners is 804 while it houses over 2,500 inmates.

A joint team of the enforcement directorate (ED) and the CBI visited London in July to brief UK prosecutors working on Mallya’s extradition and submitted fresh proof. The CBI also explained Mallya’s role in the ED case with evidence. The Crown Prosecution Service will argue the case in court on behalf of the Indian government.

ED charge-sheeted Mallya, including nine other in the money laundering case. In their report, Mallya has been called “prime mover of the entire plot” and described how funds obtained from the bank loan allegedly routed abroad illegally. Mallya, who is wanted in India for Kingfisher Airlines default on loans worth nearly Rs 9,000 crore, has been in the UK since March 2016. He was arrested by Scotland Yard on an extradition warrant on April 18 and later granted bail. The next date for hearing the extradition case has been fixed December 4.

India and the UK have an extradition treaty, signed in 1992, but so far, only one extradition has taken place under the arrangement—Samirbhai Vinubhai Patel was sent back to India last October to face trial in connection with his involvement in the post-Godhra riots of 2002.

Liquor Barron Vijay Mallya gets bail within three hours after he got arrested.

Liquor Baron Vijay Mallya who has been absconding from India for more than a year.

The businessman, who had fled the country on 2 March and sought refuge in the UK after a lookout notice was issued against him, is wanted in several economic offences cases, including defaulting on loans worth crores of rupees.

In 2016 a consortium of 17 banks moved the Debt Recovery Tribunal to hear a July 2013 petition to recover dues of Rs 9,081 crore, including interest, that was loaned to Mallya’s now defunct Kingfisher Airlines.

On Tuesday all the news channels started flashing, that Vijay Mallya has been arrested.

Scotland Yard read a statement “Officers from the Metropolitan Police’s Extradition Unit have this morning arrested a man on an extraction warrant,” .It also added “Vijay Mallya, 61, was arrested on behalf of the Indian authorities in relation to accusations of fraud.”

Mallya will be presented before the Westminster Magistrates’ Court on April 18. The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) from India will then put in a request to extradite Mallya to India.

He was declared a wilful defaulter back home last year and on February 8, India had handed a formal extradition request to the British government to bring back Mallya.

While handing over the request, India had asserted that it has a “legitimate” case against Mallya and maintained that if an extradition request is honoured, it would show British “sensitivity towards our concerns”.

Former Kingfisher boss Vijay Mallya was granted bail within three hours after he was arrested on Tuesday in London.

After this incident Vijay Mallya tweeted on his twitter account  “Usual Indian media hype. Extradition hearing in Court started today as expect.

Ravi Shastri lived life Mallya style: Sameer Bahadur

Getting the Indian Coach’s job is nowadays the most coveted job in the world. Its loss can make even normal guys go up in smoke. Or, so believes Ravi Shastri- the man who after Mallaya, loves to live life kingsize, nothing less. While BCCI made it a transparent and fair system this time, Shastri’s refusal to accept the stark reality has unfortunately for the BCCI, now turned it into yet another controversy. It all started after Ravi Shastri accused Sourav Ganguly of being disrespectful to him by not being present during the interview. Dada has hit back at the former team director. If Shastri was serious, he should have been present in Kolkata and not in Thailand, said the former India captain. From Ravi’s statements, one got the feeling that he pinned the blame for not getting the top job due to Ganguly’s views or opinion. Shastri has spent all his life chasing, and getting things as Entitlements/right’. He believes that he is God’s special creation and that he should always be the numero uno in whatever he does. Whether it is his own cricket, his various assignments, his commentary – he should always have the first right. While he speaks well, he should look at his own attitude to life, to find an answer to his getting ignored for the Indian coach’s job. He should look at things that could have gone against his candidature- his age, his weight and size, his definition of Enjoyment and making merry, which borders on indiscipline…Kumble, apart from being a far bigger cricketer himself is a winner on every count. Shastri should just accept his loss gracefully. In fact, BCCI secretary Ajay Shirke ahs said that not just Ganguly. but also Sachin Tendulkar and VVS Laxman favored Anil Kumble over Shastri.

It is difficult for Ravi Shastri to accept that someone else can be considered ahead of him. After nearly 4 decades, first as an ordinary, limited cricketer and then as a commentator and BCCI administrator, he has been used to being given top priority. Let someone else also be given an opportunity.

Writer Sameer Bahadur  is Cricket Expert.