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Why Donald Trump uneven foreign policy will destroy the world order!

On 2 December, president-elect Donald Trump did what most thought was a ‘policy shift’ for the United States of America. Trump made a phone call to Taiwan’s president Tsai Ing-wen. China immediately opposed this saying, “China firmly opposes any official interaction or military contact between [the] U.S. and Taiwan”.

Every new American president is introduced as the “leader of the free world” and commander in chief — the chief defender of the global community of free-market, democratic countries. Trump seems to be changing that definition.

Increasingly, Americans have been worried that the country’s foreign policy under Trump might be radically different than what it was under previous presidents. But what’s feared most by everyone around the world is Trump emphasizing how America’s interests will always come first. “I want to tell the world community that while we will always put America’s interests first, we will deal fairly with everyone…all people and all other nations,” Trump said in his victory speech on 9 November.

In a world like this, we are going to see the US foreign policy’s goal become that of the advancement of American interests at every stage, even if any one of the previous allies are hurt in the process. NATO members, Japan, South Korea and other allies, are good friends for now — but one year into Trump’s presidency, and that might all change.

Trump has an ally in Putin, but even Russia will have to pay/help promote US objectives to get into their good books. China and other economic competitors will have to deal with a very different United States going forward. In fact, imports might be curbed and goods produced in America itself
“No longer will US diplomats criticize the Erdogan regime in Turkey for its crackdown on journalists and the Kurds, so long as we can use the Incirlik air base for strikes against ISIS; no longer will the Baghdad regime be warned against mistreatment of the Sunnis in Mosul, so long as ISIS is driven out of the city; no longer will Uganda and Nigeria be criticized for jailing members of the LGBT community, so long as they assist us in other matters,” Michael Klare wrote in The Nation.

By withdrawing NATO troops from the Russian border, Trump is essentially rebuilding the US-Kremlin relationship. As Dmitry Peskov told the Associated Press, the move will lead to “a kind of detente in Europe”. US might just completely abandon the NATO alliance during Trump’s term as president
Trump, as president, thinks that the US can get ahead of the game and gain more power in the world order if it renegotiates everything. It may alienate some and may benefit some unexpected countries.

NATO may suffer, may be re-branded, the terms of the deal may even have to be renegotiated but other alliances, such as BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), may be strengthened merely by the fact that none of the countries wants to push aside the others for their own interests. BRICS works towards improving each nation’s interests together. Something Trump will never understand.

Is Donald Trump going to be the most hated President ever? Twitter thinks so!

Republican Donald Trump has stunned the world by defeating Hillary Clinton in the race for the White House, ending eight years of Democratic rule and sending the United States on a new, uncertain path.
Mr Trump had repeatedly slammed his campaign rival as “crooked” during their bruising campaign.
Claiming victory, the president-elect said it was time to “heal the divisions” caused by the campaign and find common ground.
ow did it come to this? Donald Trump, 70, despite running on a campaign of hate and racism, has nearly pulled off winning the 2016 presidential election Nov. 8, closing in on a victory over Hillary Clinton, 68. He managed to get caught on tape bragging that he could “grab women by the p***y” and it didn’t stop him one bit in his march to the White House. No matter what outrageous comment he made, it always seemed to bounce off him. And in the end, running on a platform that included building a border wall and making Mexico pay for it, and threatening to not let Muslims in to America managed to rally enough U.S. voters to his side.

The Twittersphere is now in mourning about how if he officially claims victory, Donald could set back the rights of women and minorities by decades, especially since Republicans held on to control of the House and Senate in the 2016 election.

Some people are so angry they’re vowing to never speak to anyone who voted for Donald, while others are questioning what could happen for LGBT rights, which saw such amazing strides and progress under President Obama. We’ve got a breakdown of the emotional voter reaction to Donald’s likely presidential victory!

US elections: The game is much more than Hilary-Trump, it has a twist of marijuana and condom-less porn as well

US voters on Tuesday weighed in on a slew of measures, including several related to marijuana, gun control and the death penalty.

Here’s a look at how Americans voted on some of these hot-button issues:


Voters in California, the nation’s most populous state, handed a major victory to backers of marijuana legalization by approving recreational use of the drug.

The vote will give momentum to efforts to end federal prohibition of marijuana and treat it in a way similar to how alcohol is regulated.

Arizona, Massachusetts and Nevada also approved the use of recreational marijuana and voters in Maine were considering a similar measure.

In Florida, voters overwhelmingly approved a measure allowing the use of marijuana for medical purposes. Arkansas and North Dakota were also deciding on a similar measure.

In Montana, voters were deciding on whether to ease restrictions in an existing medical marijuana law.

Gun control

Voters in four states were asked to decide on measures linked to gun control.

In California, one of the states with the toughest gun control laws, partial results indicated voters were set to approve Proposition 63, which prohibits the possession of large-capacity ammunition magazines and requires certain people to pass background checks in order to purchase ammunition.

Death penalty

In California, which houses about 25 percent of the country’s death-row inmates, early results showed that voters had rejected a measure that would have abolished the death penalty and replaced it with life without parole.

They approved however Proposition 66 which would overhaul the appeals process to quicken the pace of executions passed.


California voters rejected a measure that would have required adult-film actors to wear condoms during sex scenes.

Plastic bags

California became the first US state to do away with single-use shopping bags after the controversial measure was approved by voters.

Assisted suicide

Colorado voters approved a proposition that makes it legal for terminally ill patients to end their lives with the assistance of a physician.

The state joins five others, including California, that allow assisted suicide.

Credits: scoop whoop

Why were US Elections always held on Tuesdays? John Oliver has the answer.

As you may have heard, there’s a fairly important election taking place tomorrow, no not our election PM Modi is safe, we are talking about US Elections. Among the many, many people urging Americans to vote is John Oliver, whose latest “How Is This Still a Thing” segment on “Last Week Tonight” is devoted to a question many have wondered about for a long time: Why do Americans vote on Tuesday?

The actual answer, which dates back to 1845, is dispiritingly antiquated: Weekends were unacceptable due to the Sabbath, and Monday was used as a travel day so voters could trek the sometimes long distances between their homestead and their polling station. As with Daylight Savings Time, we’re being inconvenienced in the 21st century because of something that made sense in the 19th century.

From there, the video pivots to footage of people waiting in line for hours on end to vote and an unsurprising statistic: The most common reason given among those who don’t take part in the process is that they’re too busy to do so. Some solutions are proposed — expand early voting, move Election Day to a weekend or declare it a national holiday — but for now, we’re left to wonder why this is still a thing.

Watch it here:

An estimated 126 million voters cast ballots in the 2012 White House election. This time its between Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump on the race and it’s a last chance for Americans to stop Trump to win it, Please!

Shocking! Leaked emails suggest DNC chairwoman Donna Brazile gave Clinton debate questions in advance

CNN cut ties with political commentator and interim Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Donna Brazile after leaked emails suggested she offered advisers to Hillary Clinton advance information about presidential debate questions, the news network reported on Monday.

Brazile came under fire earlier this month after a hacked email published by WikiLeaks showed she may have tipped off the Democratic presidential nominee’s campaign about a March CNN town-hall debate question about the death penalty.

Interim DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile had come under fire earlier this month for possibly having tipped off Clinton’s campaign about a CNN town-hall debate question.

NN announced her departure after a subsequent leaked email showed she said she was privy to “questions in advance” and offered to “send a few more.” Brazile had offered the network her resignation earlier this month, CNN reported.

Brazile previously denied allegations that she gave the Clinton campaign information about debate questions ahead of time, according to media reports. Brazile, currently serving as interim head of the DNC, did not immediately respond to a request for comment but posted several tweets on Monday as the news broke.

“Thank you @CNN,” Brazile tweeted. “Honored to be a Democratic strategist and commentator on the network. Godspeed to all my former colleagues.”

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has repeatedly criticised CNN, alleging it is biased against his campaign.

A Clinton spokesman said in an email the campaign would not comment “on the authenticity of any individual emails that have been hacked by the Russian government.”

FBI Director James Comey said on Friday the agency was probing more emails that might relate to Clinton’s use of a private email server while she was secretary of state.

US Presidential elections may take a new turn; FBI to investigate Hillary Clinton emails now!

The Trump-Hillary war is one of the most interesting wars ever witnessed in any elections! Most of the world has glued their eyes on the televisions and social media to find out all the happenings of this trail! Be it Trump’s comments or Hillary’s comebacks to his actions, all of it has been so interesting yet.

But now, the war which seemed to be totally on Hillary’s side seems to take a new turn.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation has announced its plans to reopen the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails just 11 days before the presidential election, reigniting a massive controversy that has haunted the Clinton campaign for months.

Three months after the investigation was closed, FBI director James Comey said he found more emails that were “pertinent” to the investigation of Ms Clinton’s personal email server, which Ms Clinton had been accused of misusing during her tenure as secretary of state.

“In previous congressional testimony I refer to the fact that the FBI has completed its investigation of former secretary Clinton’s personal email server,” Mr Comey said.

The FBI has reopened its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while secretary of state, in a stunning turn of events just days before the presidential election. FBI Director James Comey wrote in a letter to top members of Congress Friday that the bureau has ‘learned of the existence of emails that appear to be pertinent to the investigation.’ Comey did not detail those emails, saying only that they surfaced ‘in connection with an unrelated case’ …He said the FBI could not yet assess whether the new material is significant and he could not predict how long it will take to complete ‘this additional work.’

The move comes after Comey and the Justice Department decided in July not to pursue charges over Clinton’s email practices.”
Well, the outcome of this decision by FBI is definitely going to be a must-watch for all!

WATCH: ‘Abki Baar Trump Sarkaar’ Donald trump cashes on Modi’s winning slogan to grab votes!

United States Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign has released a video that borrows Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s slogan of “Ab ki baar Modi Sarkar”, NDTV reported. The video which has Trump saying, “Ab ki baar, Trump Sarkar”, is aimed at reaching out to the “Hindu and Indian community” in America.

Trump addressed a Hindu-American rally, organised by the Republican Hindu Coalition, on October 15 in New Jersey. The event was reportedly the candidate’s first address to an individual ethnic community. In the video, which wishes people a “Happy Diwali”, Trump says, “We love the Hindus. We love India.”

The latest polls show Trump trailing behind his Democrat rival Hillary Clinton. The Hindustan Times said about two million Americans identify as Hindus, with people of Indian origin comprising dominating that group followed by others from Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and the Caribbean. The number of Indian Americans is pegged at around 3 million. Most of the Indian American community – nearly 65% – supports the Democratic Party, while 18% favour Republicans, according to a 2014 Pew survey.

Video courtesy: The Economic Times

Donald Trump’s 2005 lewd video surfaces online, Left everyone shocks in the US.

With exactly a month to go for the US elections, a 2005 video recording that shows Donald Trump boasting about his celebrity status and how it helps him prey on women has plunged the Republican presidential campaign into a major crisis. At least two Republican leaders announced they were withdrawing their endorsement for Trump, while one asked him to drop out.

The video, unearthed by The Washington Post on Friday, has Trump making crude remarks on women. Hugely embarrassed, top Republican leaders were left nothing but apologising for Trump’s remarks, with some political experts asking whether he should continue in the race.

Trump’s rival Hillary Clinton termed the remarks “horrific” She tweeted: “This is horrific. We cannot allow this man to become president.”

In the video, Trump is having a conversation with Billy Bush, an American television host, and is caught on a microphone bragging about trying to have sex with a married woman as well as kissing beautiful women and groping others. He also uses graphic terms to describe women’s bodies.

“I just start kissing them…Just kiss. I don’t even wait,” Trump is quoted saying. “And when you’re a star, they let you do it,” he says in the recording.

The video clip was part of an unaired footage of a television show.

Already accused of being a misogynist for his remarks on women, including during the campaign, Trump first issued a terse statement saying, “I apologise if anyone was offended”, and dismissed the outrageous remarks as “locker room banter, a private conversation that took place many years ago”. He also tried to justify it by saying, “Bill Clinton has said far worse to me on the golf course — not even close. I apologise if anyone was offended.”

However, this further triggered protests from politicians as well as feminist writers, who dismissed his statement as not an actual apology. After messages in social media remarked that the things he had said in the video amounted to sexual assault, the Republican leader posted a 90-second video on Facebook at midnight, this time saying, “I was wrong and apologise.

Here’s Trump apologise video:

The man is clearly bragging about sexual assaults, he’s a proven misogynist and the worst part is he didn’t apologise for his lewd video correctly. He on record said that he can use Nuclear weapons if he becomes President of United States. USA you still think Donald Trump would be a good choice for president? Vote wisely.

By : Saket Sharma.