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Jack Ma Is Quitting His ‘Alibaba’ For Achieving His Goal As A Teacher

Alibaba’s co-founder and executive chairman as well as China’s richest Man, Jack Ma, said he planned to step down from the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba on his 54th birthday, Monday. Behind such plan, he is actually dreaming to pursue philanthropy in education, a changing of the guard for the $US420 billion ($590 billion) internet company. The inspirational Jack Ma who grew from a poor background to the richest entrepreneur, the founder of China’s biggest tech company, will not go for a retirement, instead, he will pursue his long-lasting dream to be a teacher!

A former English teacher, Ma started Alibaba in 1999 and built it into one of the world’s most consequential e-commerce and digital payments companies, transforming how Chinese people shop and pay for things. That fuelled his net worth to more than $US40 billion, making him China’s richest man. He is revered by many Chinese, some of whom have put his portrait in their homes to worship in the same way that they worship the God of Wealth.

Ma will remain on Alibaba’s board of directors and continue to mentor the company’s management. Ma turns 54 on Monday, which is also a holiday in China known as Teachers Day. In an interview, Ma said his retirement is not the end of an era but “the beginning of an era.” He said he would be spending more of his time and fortune focused on education. “I love education,” he said.

Ma is retiring as China’s business environment has soured, with Beijing and state-owned enterprises increasingly playing more interventionist roles with companies. Under President Xi Jinping, China’s internet industry has grown and become more important, prompting the government to tighten its leash. The Chinese economy is also facing slowing growth and increasing debt, and the country is embroiled in an escalating trade war with the United States.

Ma was not too happy with the newly inflamed trade war between US and China and warned about its adversities. Ma originally planned 1 million jobs in the US, after meeting Trump in January 2017, which now seems “completely destroyed” after the recent actions.

Alibaba will steer into a new era after Jack Ma, who founded the company in a small apartment and out grew it into a $420 billion company making it a leading tech company of the world. Ma’s considers becoming China’s biggest mogul as a “Hollywood story,” as mentioned in an interview for The New York Times in 2005.

Ma’s such decision was not so sudden but there remains an untold background story from his childhood which is interesting. Ma was eager to learn English for which he offered tours to the foreigners in exchange for the lessons.  He also bought a radio to enlist to the English broadcast like the voice of America. The nickname jack was also given to him by a tourist, eventually sticking to his name. Ma applied for college after finishing his school. In China’s college entrance program, he failed twice due to his lower marks in Maths. He finally made it through in his third try and ultimately graduated from the Hangzhou Teacher’s Institute in 1988.


Irrfan Khan’s life is Hindi but wife is English. Watch the hilarious trailer

Hindi Medium depicts the difficulties parents face in order to make their kids ‘fit’ into the English ‘class’. watch Irrfan Khan as he eats up the scenery in this hilarious trailer.

Irrfan Khan can be you. So can be Saba Qamar. Any parent who has gone through the experience of getting his or her child to a ‘good school’ will definitely empathise. As will those whose lack of English makes them feel left out. Because in our country, knowing English is akin to being intelligent. Hindi Medium is a take on all such people who feel they are a notch apart because they know English. And what a funny, hilarious and emotional take it is!

Watch the Hindi Medium trailer



Hindi Medium trailer finds Irrfan in elements. He deadpans as he drops one hilarious line after another and the fun part is, there is a message embedded in every single of those laughter riots. Set to the original track by Sukhbir, Ishq Tera Tadpaave, the trailer is about a couple who is trying hard to get their daughter admitted to a good English school. According to Irrfan’s wife, English is not a language but a class and if not them, at least their daughter should be a part of that class.

The film showcases how difficult it is to get your child admitted to schools which can easily double up as luxury hotels. The family goes for a makeover but there is no admission in sight. Their Plan B is to get their girl admitted through ‘gareeb quota’, for which they turn poor. Now that brings in its wake everything that poverty entails, including mosquitoes and dengue.

Irrfan stands out in every frame, of course. His impeccable dialogue delivery and the charm of making every scene relatable just makes the trailer something you would want to watch over and over again. Saba Qamar makes her Bollywood debut with this film, and trust us, she is way better than Mahira Khan as far as screen presence is concerned. She does her job pretty well and equally stands out in the trailer despite the strong screen presence of Irrfan.

The film has been directed by Saket Choudhary. It will release on May 12.